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356b, The Masculist Inquisition, Part 2 (Masculism MGTOW)

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Published on 15 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

Masculist MGTOW Flyers, 2-3 Page Essays on the Themes of Masculism and MGTOW
Flyer No. 356b
Title : The Masculist Inquisition, Part 2
Descr : This flyer anticipates that masculism will turn the tide on the fluffies and fluffie feminists, creating an era in which masculism is the dominant gender political ideology, resulting in the creation of a political, governmental  institution called the Masculist Inquisition, which, similar to the Spanish Inquisition, extirpates  gender political heretics in the form of the hated fluffie parasites and the fluffie feminist hypocrites, by punishing them socially, psychologically, and financially. In the case of extreme zealotry, i.e. the feminazi witches, they will be burned.

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