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438a Molehill Feminist ! Part 1 (Masculism, MGTOW)

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Published on 19 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

Flyer No. 438a
Title : Molehill Feminist ! Part 1 (Masculism, MGTOW)
Text URL : https://profhugodegaris.files.....wordpress.com/2021/0
All Flyers URL : https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/mgtow-mascul
Book : MASCULISM, Men's Rebellion Against Being Manslaves to Women, An e-Textbook of 430+ Masculist Flyers for Men's Studies Courses; by Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, (freely downloadable, in MS Word format, from) https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/masculism-me
Descr : This flyer labels feminists who claim that men oppress women far worse than vice versa as “molehill feminists” as exaggerators, who make mountains out of molehills, when in reality it is women who oppress men far worse, with women’s decades lasting, manslaving parasitism, a hugely greater gender crime against men than even men’s rape against women. To be labeled a “molehill feminist” is a major insult, coming from a masculist. It is an accusation that the feminist is in fact an MFB (a monoconscious feminazi bigot), who knows nothing about women’s far greater gender oppression against men than vice versa. To be labeled a “molehill feminist” is to be accused of being callous towards men, of being gender politically ignorant and bigotted, i.e. truly a major insult.

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