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424b Masculism as Post MGTOW, Part 2 (Masculism, MGTOW)

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Published on 19 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

Flyer No. 424b
Title : Masculism as Post MGTOW, Part 2 (Masculism, MGTOW)
Text URL : https://profhugodegaris.files.....wordpress.com/2021/0
All Flyers URL : https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/mgtow-mascul
Book : MASCULISM, Men's Rebellion Against Being Manslaves to Women, An e-Textbook of 420+ Masculist Flyers for Men's Studies Courses; by Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, (freely downloadable, in MS Word format, from) https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/masculism-me
Descr : This flyer claims that masculism will overtake MGTOW as the dominant force in the manosphere, with its angry hateful approach towards the liberation of men from the manslavery of fluffie parasites, from the hypocrisy of fluffie feminists, by raising men’s consciousness that fluffiedom is manslavery, that manslavery is slavery, and since slavery is hated, masculists have a hatred of fluffies and fluffie feminists, aiming to wipe them out, by totally ignoring them, then menfairing the gender laws, especially in reforming the divorce courts, legislating the Parer etc. MGTOWs are seen by masculists as great psychologists, but as lousy politicians, as apolitical wimps, lacking solidarity with other men, and lacking the political vision necessary to change society so that it is fair to men.

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