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Freedomain Locals AMA 27 9 2022!

Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In People & Blogs

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux answers questions from https://freedomain.locals.com, including:

Hope you had a great birthday, Stefan. I was wondering why some people refuse to discuss anything beyond the surface-level. As soon as the conversation reaches a point where it is no longer about repeating media talking points or regurgitating someone else’s opinion, the conversation just halts, as if you had stepped on a land mine. I get that there are sensitive topics that most people would like to avoid, but this has happened in conversations that were passionately initiated by the other person.

Hello Stef! The history of philosophy shows have been fantastic! Do you think ancient Greek and Roman mythology has anything to teach the modern world about wisdom, virtue or moral philosophy?

Did you know that Gabor Mate used ayahuasca to treat his patients?

What do you think about it?

Stef, how do you think your life would have played out if you had grown up with today's technology?

Why do you think people don't want to strive to live good moral lives anymore? I've read about polls that place living a moral life very low on the priorities list of young people, I would think that everyone would at least want to live a moral life ideally, even if people's opinions and worldviews are very different, but evidently, people don't even care anymore. It's like total apathy.

@freedomain Wife has begun to alter her financial contribution to our agreed upon marriage arrangements. We verbally agreed to split expenses 50/50, I pay for my children's expenses. I put on average $15000 extra in our joint checking every year to cover Christmas, vacations, her medical bills, etc. She refuses to acknowledge reality of situation and hurls verbal abuse my way when explaining situation. She often claims I am stealing from her. I make $130k per year and she $71k. I save $50k per year for our future and she gets her nails done. Recently she has not been contributing to our joint checking as usual and causing disturbances to our finances and stability. She moved over two counties and we were married 3.5 years ago, I have two children with a previous wife, 2 beautiful and wonderful young girls. She claims I have sacrificed nothing and she everything, she changed teaching positions and I stood behind her during a DUI conviction. She put down $66k on our home from her home sale and I am grateful to her, but she claims its only her home, while pressuring me to invest into it by building a $30k deck, repairs, etc. This also shielded her monies from long-term capital gains taxes (15%). I paid $38k cash for moving, furniture, etc in our new home. Please help with advice as I am shaken and have no idea how to move forward Stefan. I asked earlier about refusal to acknowledge reality? She always claims all disagreements are solely my fault. I am stealing from her somehow although I make more???? I am a successful neuroscientist and my other friendships and work relationships are rock solid. She also does not meet my physical needs, either intimately or emotionally and everything is conditional. She will lay down her responsibilities and pile them on me whenever she fabricates she does not get what she wants. She also recently stole $2000 from my investment account by hacking into my bank accounts and claims I owed it to her. Its all insane, I'm getting gaslit and cornered via verbal abuse and manipulation by withholding affection, etc. Please advise. Is this beyond repair, has she never loved me as I assume, and should I leave the relationship and never look back?

Also EMJ has noted that all anti theists have absent fathers because God is an exalted father and so they cannot connect with God easily. Is this hypothesis new to you? It was to me. What are your thoughts?

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