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The Morning Constitutional: 9/7/2022

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Published on 07 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics

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SolidSnake33 1 year ago

The Mexicans are the Sand People:

"The Mexicans are easily startled however, they'll be back but, in greater numbers."

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SolidSnake33 1 year ago

irrevocably phonetic: eer-rev-ick-ob-lee.
Sentence: Communists air addiction is irrevocably non-negotiable.

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whatever1 1 year ago

Im not gonna play patty cake with those waitresses from Colorado anymore.

   0    0
SolidSnake33 1 year ago

I imagine patty cake is playing a whore's ass like the bongos.

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maxmaxed 1 year ago

The funniest part is that Russia is sucking Ukrainian dick right now, fleeing pathetically.

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xvango 1 year ago

Arnt the Ukrainian's running out of men to send to the front? I mean who will be left to after the war. I see lots and lots of ukranian women turning to war beids/mail order brides and horing.

   1    0
Darthtickles 1 year ago

idk how people follow this show, but still regurgitate msm nonsense

   1    0
MakeBJsgreatagain 1 year ago

the fucking Mexicans lol

   0    0
SolidSnake33 1 year ago

Are we sure the Mexicans aren't feds?

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