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The Morning Constitutional: 9/21/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 21 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

So Cal Jesus has nothing on the end-of-show Jesus or Slickback:

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

MasterEjaculator ~ 1h.:24min. mark, brought up an excellent point that we may not have considered (even myself had not entirely) that bought testimonials by cynical grifters that are adjacent to this community who rely on "testimonials" to shill their lies through spurious positive reviews. I think it really sucks that this is a current reality, remember this is a generation of resentment, cynicism and people raised by parents that told them: "fake it until you make it." There are very dangerous and very disingenuous people out there that are entirely adjacent to this sphere of influence so just be aware of that.

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Turdpool 2 months ago

Females these days are so unappealing that I forget that they could POTENTIALLY be attractive. My goal right now, of course, is to get bitches, because I gotta do it to know what it's like, and also because it's better than nothing, but as of now, bitches don't like me very much.

Ideally I'd go get some steriotypical southern belle. But of course those don't exsist anymore.

What's crazy, is that if I'd gotten bitches a year ago, I never would've fallen in love with (sighhhhhhhh) Simba, because I'dve been too busy fucking bitches to watch all three Lion King movies 7-8 months ago. And remember that if life treated me better, Simba might not be my type to the degree that he is.

If I was an Alpha male, dominating life, you think I'd be pining over an animated softboy lion? Probably not. But as life has beaten me merclessly, his big, dreamy eyes are very comforting to me. He's so beautiful it makes me (almost) cry. But If I'd been better off, and fucking bitches, on the top of the heirarchy, would I need Simba's mane to cry into?

Honestly I think I've figured somethibg out about sexuality, first-hand. Yes, TFM has talked about hypergamy a lot. And unless you aren't paying attention, most Women in gen z are lesbians/bisexual.

Now most women have always been Bi, but it was taboo, so they never entertained the thought. If a girl came out, her friends would ostrasize her. That left men wirh a lot more options, even with women already getting their own money.

And we didn't pretend women were supierior to men 20 years ago (to the same degree). All the movies still had men doing most of the cool shit, and women were mostly love interests. (Women still did unrealistic things in these movies and they were still feminist by and large, but not like now. Men were still depicted as more significant.)

Now that women are on the top, (completely undeservedly) it makes their bisexual tendincies far more leaning towards women than it would be otherwise. They're not Impressed by a man's superiorty. They legitamatly believe THEY are superior now, just like a spoiled child.

This is all just a theory, OK? I don't actually know if this is true. But I feel like it is. If women feel like they're superior to men, they become Dykes. TFM MIGHT agree with me on this. But he's so out of touch, he might not understand.

I just think of how many more bitches I could get, if women were still brainwashed to be straight, the way they were, only 10 years ago. Believe or not, girls actually liked me 5 years ago, (but I ignored/rejected them in favor of fulfilling a bs prophecy. (Long story). Of course, I don't actually know if they liked me or not, maybe they just wanted to laugh in my face, if I took the bait. But one of them was extremely forward for weeks, as though I was Jeremy Meeks.

I'm definitly a romantic. The disney movies always (often) depicted the female as being the sexual agressor. while the dreamy softboy protaganist would be kind of nervous and shy about it. And quite frankly, that's what I want. And it was my reality from the ages of 14-16. A woman that makes me chase is the biggest turn-off ever.

My wet dreams were awesome back then. I'd see a girl, and I'd be all scared, like, "I'd better not get noticed" and she'd be all, "heyyyyy" and then she'd kiss me.

I remember being like, "this is an uncomfortable situation, but I like it."

Then we'd make out, and I'd jizz my pants.

Honestly, my biggest kink is being uncomfortable. The problem is,

I no longer get approached by girls,


I have no nervousness anymore.

So my fantasy of an extremely foward girl approaching me, as I fumble and (gulp) is now a lost dream. Even if I go somewhere where JBW is law, and girls chase me and grab me, I can't hold up my end of the bargain, which is the extreme fear that I need. (I used to be terrified of girls)

Shy love is my kink.

Now my wet dreams are shit. The last one I had was just me looking at some lesbians in little clothing, thinking to myself, "I don't have a chance" then I jizzed myself. And That's GOOD by my standards. Sometimes i'm just standing around, and all of a sudden I start jizzing, with NOTHING to prompt it.

I've started to have dreams about (sighhhhhhhhhh) Simba, but he's never actually IN the dream. I remember my dream two nights ago was ABOUT him, but I never actually met him, and we never felt the love that night.

Anyway, Simba is the only individual to make me feel weird happy feelings, that I don't fully understand, since I first hit puberty.

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Lorgar 2 months ago

When will be the Morning Consitutional of this week?

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Bacheloro 2 months ago

You need to join subscribestar for 1$ month to get current episode. Or last week's for free. Saturday show current episode free. I think mgtow tv has something like subscribestar also. Try that maybe.

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Darthtickles 2 months ago

cancelled this week. tfm out until friday, no point doing a friday show right before normal saturday one. you can catch updates on the mgtow twitter platform, forget what its called

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Turdpool 2 months ago

@Bacheloro: were you trolling the entire time you were talking about worshipping that co-worker's pussy?

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Bacheloro 2 months ago

@Turdpool: deleted by accident. Simple answer is no. I blurred my life details for privacy but I am actually still married to my Canadian baby mother for 16 years now. We informally separate sometimes. Both very free spirited. We moving back 3rd time now in another province. Our house here sold for nearly 800k. Co worker having kid very soon. My wife deals with her cause I think now that she is 34. Me 39. She really wants exclusive relationship. It's all good. I still listen mp3 show but some haters were really annoying the shit out of me. Bones Mark Me etc we pay for the superchat. If they have better shit to say donate. Anyways life chaotic. I am recently grandfather at young age. My daughter in west Indies (20) had kid. Need to visit her soon. Take care. Once I move back with her I won't have time to superchat etc. She hovers around me like a shadow then my daughter is around too. So hope everything is good with you all. I just wanted to have some fun, share stories, joke, make interesting etc it gets repetitive without me I find. Mark and bones do pretty good job. Random curiosity was great. Peace!

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Turdpool 2 months ago

Aisling bea's first crush was Aslan from The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe.

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