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The Morning Constitutional: 9/14/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 14 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣9:44 Show starts
10:29 Intro
10:42 PSAs
11:46 Sponsors
33:13 Socialism vs. Capitalism: what works and doesn't
33:24 Thoughts on The Machiaveliians and economic mobility
41:57 I'm holding out for a HEEEROOO! (Celestina's Uncanny valley version)
43:05 Superchat: blue pilled truckers, self-sacrifice and wahmen on welfare
49:42 Bidenomics let's celebrate inflation and be out of touch fellow keedz!
53:27 Superchat: the FED and interest rates
1:09:46 Superchat: Yarvn, Bioshock and libertarianism
1:21:56 Superchat: being broke vs. being poor
1:25:33 It's a theory, a TFM theory. The 3 sources of pain
1:30:43 Superchat: moar welfare
1:33:08 Superchat: Michael Jordan is based and redpilled
1:40:21 Article 1: Rents, food drive U.S. consumer prices higher | Reuters (https://archive.ph/JLynd)
1:53:44 Article 2: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx to categorize gun store sales separately | Fox Business (https://archive.ph/iP8Uq)
2:04:22 Article 3: The shocking document: How the US planned the war and the energy crisis in Europe – Nya Dagbladet (https://archive.ph/SdV4Y)
2:07:31 The true purpose of the energy war
2:08:30 How they're destroying Europe to get white eurofags to come to the US
2:27:53 Article 4: Swedish conservatives close to election win amid crime fears | AP News (https://archive.ph/Wzlng)
2:34:07 Sponsors
2:42:12 Article 5: New Study Finds Cancer Cases Increasing in People Under 50 (https://archive.ph/XB0nX)
2:50:10 Article 6: OL crossed the road and was elbowed and hit breasts! He complained that "she hit my elbow with her chest", the result of being accused of sexual harassment turned out to be like this | One Ping News (https://archive.ph/YEFoE)
2:59:48 Article 7: Biden Admin Is Placing Vending Machines Filled With Drug Supplies in Rural Kentucky (https://archive.ph/bwvBO)
3:09:55 Superchat: Supply and demand vs. feelings and Memento reference
3:12:13 Superchat: Prepper bro, part un
3:15:32 Superchat: Russia telling Europoors to stand up to the US
3:21:01 Superchat: WEF vs. the US
3:30:35 Superchat: Throwback to article about a 19-year old going to jail for touching a girl's elbow
3:28:49 Superchat: Sweden is doing it!
3:32:06 Superchat: SJW think orcs are black people!? A-are we the bad guys?
3:34:02 Superchat: monki's tasty banana
3:34:13 Superchat: Pull backs on real state?
3:36:33 Superchat: Prep brother, part deuce and men's loyalty.
3:39:40 Superchat: some simping for monkey and da (((juice)))
3:41:24 The End
3:42:16 Pimp's Prayer

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

Will Swedish men find their inner M. Bison and TWRA in the eleventh hour?
Will Swedish men take heed to the great prophet from the USA Fred Fred c. 2014 and quite literally fuck the Swedish government right in the pussy?

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OmegaMan99 2 months ago

Shameless Dab, my man, please change the battery in your smoke alarm.

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

   1    0
SolidSnake33 2 months ago

Holy sheeit someone's offering time stamp annotations. OsloMGTOWs spiritual successor has arrived.

   2    0
Turdpool 2 months ago

I'm intensely crushing on simba.

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