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The Morning Constitutional: 3/9/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 09 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics

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Darthtickles 9 months ago


ive been trading successfully for a long time, and the longer ive been trading, the less trades i make

when i started i would spend hours sniping little pullbacks based on minutiae of policy or sentiment, and often enough i would get rolled over by the freight train even though i picked up more than enough pennies to compensate

now i appreciate my time, sanity and blood pressure. i still make gobs of money buying at the bottom of major trends and riding them to the top, or vice versa. less sexy, but still outstanding returns and much less risk of spazzing out and blowing up your account

if youre not at your pc 12 hours a day, dont even bother trying. im one of the few people who could possibly do it, and i dont even bother anymore. go for the long rides and collect your easy money.

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Darthtickles 9 months ago


sunnis and israel shunning democrat administrations is nothing new. they are republican client states, so they dont get much pay for play with the dems

coming off as a biden shill here, but again: not really on biden specifically

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Darthtickles 9 months ago


gonna get some pushback on this, but the oil price pre invasion really isnt bidens fault

america as a net oil producer is due to fracking, which is a "swing supply" of oil. the idea is that these guys can swoop in and out of the market to take advantage of excess global demand (think $60+ oil, lots of wells breakeven in the $40s and $50s now)

however, russia and the saudis recognized this threat to their dominance of the global oil market, so they have crushed the price twice now in an effort to directly fuck with this niche us production

these guys cant get financing because lenders have been burned twice on fracker bonds, and theyre not willing to go for a third ride without charging a massive premium

yes, dem policies dont help the oil industry, but it is a marginal difference on top of the much more substantial threat from saudis and russia

even now uae and saudis still have 2.5m in cuts to rollback and russias production shortages are almost assuredly ordered by the kremlin to add to the winter energy impact of their invasion. estimates say saudis could do another 2m or so on top of their existing cuts if they wanted to crash the market again. global recession and saudis going full pour means $40 oil once again, and frackers simply arent taking the risk anymore

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Darthtickles 9 months ago


"hitting every speed boost"

spat my drink

keep it up random cohost guy

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OmegaMan99 9 months ago

I worked with a half Vietnamese guy who was in Vietnam as a kid when it fell. He said that they killed people who resisted and pushed everyone else into the jungle to live and seized their property. They didn't kill everyone though.

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