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**35 BODIES** 6 Reasons Promiscuity is Rising in 2022

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Published on 17 Apr 2022 / In People & Blogs

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CatFoodMillionaire 4 months ago

Females are built to manipulate Men in order to obtain provision & protection. It is not possible to get the individual Man to resist the manipulations of females.

What must happen instead is a structural setup in which there are negative social consequences for destructive behavior. Remove all free stuff from females incl. Affirmative action. Females react(chameleon) to a Man. She will submit to the structure. It is what she is also built to.

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AwfulDIGGER 4 months ago

Evolutionary Biology drives men to fuel hookup culture and accept leftovers to have a family. Nature is a cruel beetch.

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sauger1001 4 months ago

Totally agree with you. Men are supposed to set the tone, and we've failed miserably. Many of us have instead chosen to be:
"Simps... Simps... desperation for pvssy".
Replicant Fish

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sauger1001 4 months ago

As HH has said, men need to control their biology (aka Lust), when it comes to women. Men have to set the tone, by looking to the Creator for guidance. The smart women will follow a godly man. The thots and "strong, independent" feminists will REEEEE! rebel, and "die alone" (the "image consultant").

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DutchCobbler 4 months ago

I had to take a moment to really think about why I disagree with his last point about men lowering their standards, and how to explain this. He's wrong, without question, if men raised their standards promiscuity would not go away, but I think this falls more into errors of generalization than errors in philosophy. Not everyone holds high standards, as shown by this woman at the beginning of this video. She's also a deeply unattractive woman at face value, so having sex with her would also require reasonably low standards.

Thing that I'm stuck on though, is that to his last point, women are typically poor at self-improvement or discipline, and prone more to acquiescence. Rather than elevating herself a woman will go for a new baseline and operate from there. We see this in the 'settling down' phase, normally as the wall approaches. Women that wouldn't even think twice about a plumber or fat guy, or mechanic, those unglamorous ordinary men, are making excuses to themselves and others as to why those men are sudden;y fit for attention and even marriage. There's a great Think Before You Sleep video that shows what i mean, where a fat woman giving a Ted Talk describes her ideal man at the earlier part of her life and compare that with what her standards are now, how the list got smaller and less ridiculous and how, instead of improving her own life and personal value, simply accepted the easier path of lowering her standards.

Women don't think or operate like men do. Men work to improve (typically) to meet a standard, women demand the standards are lowered and get what they want, from dating to the military, to the work force and education.

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SchemeHub 4 months ago

As I am typing this, women who are my body my choice, hear me roar, you go girl are 300(low) - 1000(high) count.

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