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The Morning Constitutional: 3/16/2022

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Published on 16 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics

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Pu4__ 8 months ago

1:46:56 Dude please, NATO never wanted Ukraine, nobody wanted to place nuclear weapons in Ukraine. If NATO would want nuclear weapons near Russian borders they would put in Baltic countries. Putin have started this war for a completely different reasons.

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Pu4__ 8 months ago

1:34:34 "Russia will become Chinese vassal state"
This this one of those two times a day Alex is right, China has not announced sanctions against Russia, but silently joined by ordering Chinese companies to stop dealing with Russia and use some bs reasons like "reassessing risks". China has not burnt bridges with Russia, it's waiting for Russia to weaken enough and then buy out everything they can with a great discount/

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tyuuhb 8 months ago

I(my Korean name 박재혁) am a Korean living in America so I have some general ideas. I don't know everything on how things have been in Korea. I just read Korean news articles from time to time so I know that S.Korea is in the process of abolishing the Ministry of Women(along with the bullshit quota). I found a website link that explained the situation well enough. It is in Korean though. YOu might not understand much even with google translation. Korean language does have a bunch of dialects that would be foreign to outsiders.


Some events happened that women were negatively effected. These helped in pushing women on the right path. Got them to get their heads out of their asses.

Muslim immigrant rape. - Feminists support the politicians who push for such migration and does little about all the rape going on. How can they? The migrants are here to support the bankrupt welfare. No offense to Muslims by the way. As Islam is right about women. And Muslim men deserve pussy for paying resources to women.

A few cases of women dying from criminals and female police women who were right there in the middle of the victim and criminal, just running away . So feminism was seen as endangering women's livelihood

Sexual harassment and rape by the femi politicians and the Ministry of women covering their backs. A lot of those cases. They keep coming. These really gave ammunition to the banning of the Ministry. A lot of women dropped support for the ministry because of this.

But such events are in the West too
SO I guess the difference is that S.Korea is not so rich to give a Western level of welfare to its women so It's not worth it for Korean women.
Western women suck up all the sufferings of other women because its welfare is worth it I suppose.

ALso I believe Asian men are generally weaker than Western men and cannot take this level of burden put on by women. We just refuse it. Western men seem to be ok with it as they can bare the suffering better than us.
I also believe that Asian men have lower sexual urges than Western men(maybe because of the smaller penis size?).

So much more events took place that screwed men over. But I'll skip that here. You get the general idea. What's important to know is that men are angry. Men are very very very angry towards women. And it scares them. It really does. Even though you know the men are not gonna do anything, being next to a very angry men just scares women. Women in Korea refrain from saying that they are feminists or showing any kind of affiliation with the label in the open as it brings alot of social attack, distancing , neeglecting. They are angry on the internet. They are angry on the real world. So a lot of women do follow where men lead them just as TFM said.

Asian men treat women with Egalitarianism and Meritocracy usually. We just loathe special treatment. We do not have this Western level of simping, chivalry, gentlemenship. I often feel awkward at how American men deal with their women. I have to be careful to not treat women equally as in Korea. We do not have that level of sexual urge. A lot of us feel fine with anime waifus and screw women. DOn't feel ashamed about it. ANd Asian societies does not put so much shame on men about not dating or not getting laid as the West does. Though some retards tried. Putting shame for using sextoys is a weird concept for me in America.

Asian men also react very quickly towards wokefemi infestation of franchises. Famous videogame companies show signs of feminism or feminist employments in them, the men ditch the product and the company right away. They first make a fuss about it on social media and if the company does not comply, men ditch the company right away.

They were called on congress a lot for the matter.
Some gaming company hires women or femi women probably due to government pressure, but fires her later. The congress calls the CEO in and the ceo claims its not their fault as the male consumers simply refuse them. They'll be put out of business and their rivals will thrive. SImple as that.

Now according to various polls

50~70% men oppose feminism and agree to abolishing the Ministry of women(Ministry of Gender Equality and Family).

women were split in half regarding feminism 42% it's good 43% it's bad

maintaining the ministry 35% no 51% yes

Overall(all adults), it is in the ratio of 50~60% feminism bad, get rid of ministry versus 30~40% feminism good, maintain ministry of women.

Things were boiling up already When a whole bunch of presidential candidates started bringing the issue up. Men rose up from all political spectrums . Even the men who opposed candidate Yoon politically, cried their support for him just for the abolishion of the ministry. All of them raged. That's why it's being labeled as an incel election I guess.

The election results show that candidate Yoon won by 1% but you should know that vote fraudery is a thing in Korea. Especially with the president Moon regime(He's like Korean version of Biden).
The polls just before the election showed candidate Yoon leading the vote by 5~6%.
But candidate Yoon made a merger with another candidate with 9% ratings just 4 days before the election.
In Korea, the public loses excess to the polls data 4days prior to the election day. Only the politicians can. So no one knows for sure but Yoon's winning by 1% is absurd. There's another candidate that supported full feminism. SHe's the third in line. And she got 2.4%.

Personally, I believe Korean men are gullible pussies and weak minded. Thus having high hopes for Koreans is futile. They generally have communism, fascism, totalitarian, authoritarian mindset. Don't know what freedom is. Just like Chinese. They are very similar with feminists in the thought process when it comes to Japan. Korea's irrational anti-Japan sentiment is high thanks to the deceitful brainwashing lies of the ruling class. Incite anger and shift the blame to control the masses. Even though Japan did a very good job with the Korean pennisula for 35 years. Koreans were kamikaze pilots you know.

Overall I believe that this might result in achieving the level of Japanese egalitarian traditionalism society which has a bit of patriarchy left. The men are not demanding a return of the patriarchy or something. They are demanding egalitarianism and meritocracy between the sex issues.

ANd yeah, the conclusion is that it requires 50~70% very angry men. Frustrating in the real world and the internet. That does scare the women. And women follow where men lead them.

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Stahesh 8 months ago

Main reason can be west men are individualist and east men are collectivist. What can i see from some east movies manhwas, manhuas, and mangas. Often i see that eastern men are willing to sacrifice for family or dynasty/nation. Western men are more divided than women. This is probably why wokness exist. Asian men are pretty smart that they can stop wokeness and feminism. We as west men have so much to learn. If this continue with S Korea maybe it will become heaven for men. Many west are trying to escape east but. It will be problem in future. If we do not stop it now. In our west countries.

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tyuuhb 8 months ago

@UmarMgtow: I know that sharia deals with these matters well. But still, What you wrote here, would be considered as rape in the mindset of the female.

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tyuuhb 8 months ago

@UmarMgtow: Muslim men make sure they get the righteous payment back for women depending on their labor and resources. Never let women get away with it as the Quran says. In the female mindset, that's rape. And yeah, the government brings in a lot of weirdos as immigrants. They are not the best of the muslims.

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SolidSnake33 9 months ago

When this random woman from Sydney, Australia had a heart attack at the age of 41 -- which was last year after getting her third dose of the gene therapeutic not vaccine that shall not be named and in no way contributed to her weakened condition whatsoever under penalty of shooting oneself in the back thirteen times.
The legacy news: where we leave out the details and important bits because cheap sensationalism hits 'em right in the feels.
"Spontaneous coronary artery dissection" aka: myocarditis.
"It's causes are largely unknown."
Box news alert:
The not vaccines actually gene therapeutics and subsequent boosters cause myocarditis and AIDS!

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Stahesh 8 months ago

Main problem can be Pfizer Vaccine Becomes DNA in Liver Cells what same some studies. Another can be lifestyle what she eat and how often does she workout. Nexr can be so many doses between each others. I had 2 First day is ok. But next day your body is so weak even standing strain you so much that you can only lay or sit. I workout every day. So next day i was OK. But if you are not someone who workout I think it can do serious dmg.

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UmariMgtow 9 months ago

TFM you complain “we don’t have the number’s” but attack white people? Why keep dividing? You’re a “normie” you still believe in votes/rights. All the world leaders are united. You don’t know about the NWO. It comes from “"Enki and the World Order".

We do have the numbers. Muslims have a billion people. Why not join them? Sure it’s not perfect. But better than fucking a doll and being alone and scared wanting to move to Alaska. And your favorite Singapore. Is right next to Indonesia the most populated Muslim country.

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