Oh f--k me, now it-s the omicron variant

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Published on 29 Nov 2021 / In Film & Animation

Fuck me, the stupid cunt government are at it again?

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red maple
red maple 2 months ago

What he said

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Generationless 2 months ago

Moving the goalposts constantly IS the new normal. Do not comply. That is the only way to turn this around. Nothing else will work. Buy or borrow, and read RFK Jr.'s book "The Real Anthony Fauci." Then you will know the facts and can spread THAT all over creation!

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Mustang 2 months ago

Just when things start to get back to normal the Medical-Industrial Complex and the Liberal Biased Mainstream News Media come up with a new Varient to fan the flames of fear, dread, and paranoia. Any body else notice that???

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mrghoster 2 months ago

Fuck the /government, DON'T COMPLY. I'm not going to, I've had enough of being fucked around!

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