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Soft Guy Era Has Women Looking For Older Men Now But Older Men Are Rejecting Them | Drizzle Drizzle

Published on 22 Apr 2024 / In People & Blogs

LMAO Soft Guy Era Has Women Looking For Older Men Now But Older Men Are Rejecting Them. Modern Dating is confusing for men and women. Our videos are made for educational purposes.

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Jaygo 26 days ago

LMAO.. Is it me or is she too dense to be aware of how she's disrespecting her female audience?.. She says. "Some of the guys in the comment section are more feminine than you ladies". Of course it's suppose shame men on the surface.. But when examining her statement,, or any woman that a man is, or can be more feminine than her,; is by default calling those females masculine. or at the least, more masculine that the man/men she's trying to shame and insult... Soon after. She try to shame the men by saying "Some of those guys" (the "feminine" ones) "Don't know how it is to be men". "They have no fathers or male example". "They just follow the women because that's all they've been around". Do she not realize that she is highlighting the fact that Single mothers (a portion of her audience) is responsible for destroying boys and their masculinity; and make them feminine. More feminine than the women in her audience btw, lol. I would have loved if 1 of those guys she's talking about would have commented, asking her, is she trying to insult him or her loyal female audience. But even that probably would have went over her head,.

In the famous words of Esther Vilar:
Women do not use their mental capacity: they deliberately let it disintegrate....
By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes.

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Bagoodman 27 days ago

Shiiit - I'm a250 Lb Toothless Biker Battle Scared Been Shot at Shot at other people and I'm softer then most of these Bitches - Invest in cat food Gents .

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Mr_Sluggo 28 days ago

I really hope she got the clot shot...And BOOSTED!!!!

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Heavyhand 28 days ago

I believe you’re saying ‘seek Canadian healthcare’

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sauger1001 28 days ago

"Brought to you by (((Pfizer)))."

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BioWeapanSurvivor 29 days ago

This joker bitch is nothing more than a Money Marriage whore

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TripeSwing 29 days ago

nasty female at 3:30 has a Joker mouth. scary to behold

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