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Published on 04 Feb 2024 / In Other

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That kid at 6:19 sitting in the train window and then leaning out into space....

And it looks like it's an express train and really moving...

Guess what is going to happen?

The thing he never thought MIGHT be a lot closer to the train, that he thought it might be.

Nope he got on the roof where the electrical overheads were.....

I was ready to rant about trains having "normal clearance" to all the track side apparatus, but on certain sections, they have what are called "minimal clearance" bits of the rail road - where because of "reasons" poles, passing trains, tunnel walls and other things, are say 30cm from the train, and not 1 meter....

I thought he was going to be smashed into a steel pole or wire etc., that was a minimal clearance item...

That or lean way out into space - and his head connects with a steel post or something..

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pathologicalimbicile 2 months ago

music: Spaceslug

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