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Why Is She Angry? Because She Didn't Get Half Your Stuff In The Divorce! - MGTOW

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Published on 27 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Why is she angry?; Because she didn't get half your shit, that is why!

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from the beer flu. It's slowly impoverishing my listeners so I understand if you guys can't pay at times like these. I'll still keep making content with my own subject matter. Once again I want to point everyone's attention to a Reddit post from the MGTOW subreddit called: "Why is she angry? Because she didn't get half your shit, that is why!" and here's what someone named Shaddow Dragon posted on the surviving infidelity subreddit and I quote: "I've been married to my wife for nearly 2 years. No kids no property. We have been in a deadbedroom since shortly before the wedding. We went to counseling for it and it failed. We had serious talks about it, and they all failed. I considered leaving is she didn't get any additional help. I recently found out that she's been in a sexual/emotional affair with an old college friend for over a year. It has taken place at his place, as well as ours. Also unprotected. It has gone on before and after our counseling ended. When confronted, she tried lying until I showed her the evidence. She apologized repeatedly. She claims that she never planned on leaving me for him. She tried sweet talking me back. I filed for annulment. I've had enough of the lies. After Divorce Day, she tried being extra nice, and gave me space. She apologized repeatedly again and said she wouldn't be able to live with herself for a long time. She was blindsided when I served her the papers. She believed that we could work it out. After finding out that she isn't entitled to my stuff, she has been cold and mean. She yelled at me, and blocked me on all social media. Then she
packed her things and moved in with her sister. We haven't spoken since she moved out. She is acting as if I cheated on her. I'm confident that I'll get through this with time and IC. I know I did my as a husband. I deserve better. I always tried to give 100% in our marriag, and made sure she was happy. Throughout our relationship and after divorce day, she said that I was her best friend. She said that I always made her feel comfortable with herself. She would always tell me that I was a good man. I did so much for her. This included traveling, cooking every night, and helping her study. I even used my connections to help her get a good job. Seh's 100% the reason why this marriage failed. I tried my best to be patient, and understanding about the deadbedroom issue. She should know that any self-respecting human wouldn't stick around after her kind of behavior. So, why is she so angry with me right now? Is it out of guilt and regret?" Unquote. Well I'll get to what Shaddow Dragon has to say in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Ancient Purity:

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charliebrownau 27 days ago

Global Zionist Jews + Kikes + White traitors

- Female Vote in West/EU/Asia
- Female "rights" in West/EU/Asia
- Feminism in West/EU/Asia
- Duthal Model in West/EU/Asia
- No fault divorce in West/EU/Asia

- Diversity in West/EU/Asia
- Open Borders in West/EU/Asia
- Multi racial nations in West/EU/Asia
- Group rights in West/EU/Asia

- Anti Freedom in West/EU/Asia
- Anti Free Speech in West/EU/Asia
- Anti Gun in West/EU/Asia
- Anti Self Defense in West/EU/Asia

- Anti White in West/EU/Asia
- Anti Male in West/EU/Asia
- Anti Marriage in West/EU/Asia

- Anti Ethnic Nationalism
- No pride of your race/nation

While Jews have a Mono ethnic nationalist state with pride, region and laws to protect it

Know your enemy

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Your entire comment is null and void because of Palestine.

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wroger_wroger 28 days ago

The Dead Bedroom. And then marriage? Get the fuck out of here.
"Hit the road bitch".

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wroger_wroger 28 days ago

That video thumbnail - with the girl and the painted on pox above her left eye brow... I once went to a brothel and a chick had a cunt covered in huge amounts of herpes blisters... "Ummm no thanks..." and got a different woman - who was actually really nice.

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Hammerhead69 28 days ago

Seems apt.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 28 days ago

marriage is the most corrupt institution in the world ....... the only ' non contract ' that can result in so much financial and emotional damage allowed. Females are 15 yr old teenage girls, petulance and irrational actions are all they know.

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One_Ronin 28 days ago

Dude learned a lesson that cost him only time (although a valuable resource). Dude show her your taillights and that's it.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 28 days ago

Damn she’s spoiled

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