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(T)GTOW - Teens going their own way has exploded

Published on 24 Jan 2023 / In Entertainment


(T)GTOW started organically in Sydney, Australia in 2015. When you boys and young men see the elder men in their lives being torn to pieces by Gynocentric chunts and Feminists it was only a matter of time before young boys and men started adopting ways to keep themselves from going through the same shit. (T)GTOW is approaching its 10 th anniversary and I for one wish it was it's 20th.

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AwfulDIGGER 9 days ago

The trans "epidemic" is rooted in the Marxist-based philosophies pushed since the failures of the European and Soviet experiments. Destroying the understanding of nature's gender roles spurs identity and personality based disorders.

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Making material for people younger than yourself....
Everyone is younger than yourself....
Except for me.

Boys ought to be fucking these women off.... ALL of them.

Lets the cunts starve in the streets and be eaten by the dogs.

This is a good video - Marinez dealing with GURLS - and their fucking retarded bullshit.
Matador Vs Skanks


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