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Published on 19 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation

At the very beginning... A drawing from March of 1972... SAYS IT ALL....

The Final Act' ... Mushroomhead 🎶...
Thank you to... TRUTHSLAP

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Doomguy 1 year ago

I refuse to believe that I'm in someway special in some way to see through this and avoid their mRNA transmutation. I think, colttaine had it right with his matrix behind the the matrix video. The system is made up of people who don't want to be saved, they'd rather be asleep and taken care of. It'd be a different story if they rounded people up at gun point and made them take the shot. All they did was threaten us with unemployment.

Edit: I stand corrected. I suppose it would be at gun point when officers would lock you up for violating lockdown protocols.

But at the same time the whole system would shut down if everyone said OK... I'll stay home. No taxes, no salary for the cops.

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