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MGTOW Companies are cancelling office Christmas parties

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Published on 26 Nov 2021 / In Film & Animation


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brownzombie 8 months ago

My company has also rescinded invitations of christmas party. Anyways i never go anyways. I am anti-social anyways. No kids no marriage. And chilling

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A car full of women, breaks down in the middle of nowhere, in the desert.....
It's early morning, they have fuck all to drink between the lot of them.

It's 9 am and 35*C - It's going to get to 45*C

It's on a back road that gets 5 cars a day in the cool weather and 1 car a day in the hot weather, and they are that 1 car per day.

"Hiiiiii we have broken down, can you help us?"

So they are fixated on dick instead of keeping the car serviced, FIRST and FOREMOST.

"Oh so this is a divorced group of women, going out for an all girls week end away? Let me see what I can do."

Let me see what I can do = Do nothing.

Leave the cunts, to die in the hot sunshine.

*Let me see what I can do = Many thanks to the Nigerian Stingy Mens Association for this one liner.


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Think or Die
Think or Die 9 months ago

the major flaw with mefails, not knowing where the stop sign is. Now, realizing that fried ice isn't on the menu.

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sorearm 9 months ago


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sauger1001 9 months ago

Women thought they could have it both ways. Someone has to be the adult in the room, and show them otherwise. I'll just take my day off.

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