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I Feel Sorry For Women - MGTOW

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Published on 18 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from J and here's what he has to say: "Hello Sandman, I've been a long time listener and my video request is this. I'll do my best to explain it. I've talked about it with my friend and he seems to think it's because of our inner programming as men to want to protect women. I've noticed that when I "fall in love" with a woman it's largely due to the fact I "feel sorry for her". Don't get me wrong I'm physically attracted to her but there is something deeper where she either doesn't have a lot of money or she is being bullied or she is trapped due to her circumstances or something like that. It seems to me that I get this "I must rescue her" type thinking. I'm wondering if you could point this out or if this is just me or if this is a common theme among other men? It's a very deep feeling that I believe is part of my hard-wiring as a man to protect and provide for a female. My friend says that "love is a man feeling sorry for a woman." Have you experienced this yourself? Do you suppose this feeling is from a biological wiring perspective or insecurity or both? Even when a woman fucks me over I still can't hate her like I should as I still feel sorry for her. For me it's an actual feeling of feeling a sadness for her. It's separate from missing her. It's why I fall in love with her in the first place it seems. I've gotten hot camel toes before and I'm not a desperate guy but maybe I am for true love which as we both know simply doesn't exist? Thanks Brother and god bless." Well J thanks for the donation and topic. I'll get to it in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Bachelor Pad Economics: Anyways, now back to women breeding with men and selecting for simp genes to make it from one generation to the next clown world show. So J first of all we have to establish that these women you fall in love with have to have some sort of sad victim story. Something that makes them appear as though they are incapable of taking care of themselves in the world and when men see this they come riding to the rescue like captain save-a-hoe. Remember that Women's facade of weakness is her strength. She tends to attract a man that will do everything for her. She's not as helpless as she looks. In fact women try and look helpless intentionally to trigger this rescue response from men. They want us to feel sorry for them because that's how they get our attention. Why do you think that women wear high heels and appear to almost be falling over. It's a way to make themselves look artificially unstable to attract the attention, help and love from a man. All subconscious of course. Most men have no idea they are doing this. J it's great you realize what you're doing. There was a study about women in high heels in France and they found that when a woman asked for help wearing flat shoes she got 40% of men to help her. When her heels were higher, in the middle range 60% of men came to the rescue. When they six inches 80% of men came. Subconsciously men feel sorry for women wearing them and we pity them thinking they are about to fall any moment. It has to do with neoteny which is juvenile features in an adult woman. Like a little girl wearing her mothers unstable high heels and about to fall and trip. Women also project that they have the mind of a child and are completely helpless with many tasks and we come riding to the rescue. Neoteny is also why they wear over sized sun glasses and bright colors the way a child would. Children are helpless and adults give them attention. Some women want men to think the same of them. You also asked me if something similar happened to me. I guess you could say that.

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zdoctor 3 months ago

i hate to say it but many men have CAPTAIN SAVE-A-HOE SYNDROME.

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wayfarer 3 months ago

You have a valid point. It's impossible for most women to accept the reality if it bursts their bubble.
My ex-wife couldn't accept that I just left the marriage because I saw no value in continuing to be married, so she convinced herself that I must have found a younger replacement and she then targeted one of the girls in my office. I could only shrug my shoulders in reply.
She just couldn't accept that I found it more rewarding to take care of myself and she simply dismissed that explanation.
I guess it could be even worse if the husband walked away because he discovered he's gay! She wouldn't be able to talk to any of her friends about it!

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havok545 3 months ago

No joke, feeling sorry for a woman literally destroyed my life and I almost offed myself.
Which is stupid cause women are not even worth your time let alone your life.
DO NOT feel sorry for them. Learn to harden yourself against their crocodile tears.

"Do not trust a limping dog or a woman's tears." - Mexican proverb

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BornMGTOWHatedByAll 3 months ago

Absolutely agree. Never trust Satan's daughters.

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DutchCobbler 3 months ago

1. Love isn't something you fall into, that's infatuation.
2. Heels are actually about making women appear slimmer and more fit because it give the illusion of longer legs and causes the muscles in the calf and glutes to flex because of the downward toe angle.
3. I understand where J is coming from. I used to feel that way when i was a younger man but figured out in my 20s that it was a manipulative game. Women are not gentle, soft, caring creatures. Most abusers are women. Most victims (and rescuers) are men, and that innocence is just falling for a her guises and trickery. The twist? Women laugh at men like you (and me when i was like this) for being so easy to manipulate. They view us as the weak or helpless creatures we view them as, only with contempt and derision instead of care or protection.

With time, you will see this for yourself, and then it will be up to you to decide to keep being tricked or to see her for the snakes in sheep's clothing she (whomever it is you 'feel sorry' for really is.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

Everything, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in a woman, is a trap for the Man.

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havok545 3 months ago

100% TRUTH!

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SIGMA78 3 months ago

Neither do I have any Simp-athy for heartless holly’s either.

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libertyanyday 3 months ago

this white knighting is done because you PROJECT your feeling of gratefulness ......... if you were down on your luck and someone helped you , you would want to go out of your way to thank them........females have NO SUCH feeling.

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Mgtow_economics 3 months ago

Indeed, they feel entitled to assistance, without offering anything in return. You can also see this in the gynocentric workplaces (hospitals, etc), you see this entitlement. Huge salaries for mid-level jobs of little responsibility, offloading the jobs that require time, effort and responsibility on to the man... There's something wrong with our monetary rewards system. It's favouring professional bureaucrats and 'bums on seats' career women.

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