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You're a Catch, So Why Are You Single? | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
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Published on 08 Jan 2021 / In Comedy

⁣If you're pushing 40 and still single, you're definitely not the problem. Right, ladies?

Brought to you by Frank Cervi's novel "The Bro Next Door"

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edud_eeffoc 16 days ago

It's amazing they write articles like this. Look at the title: You're a catch, so why are you single?
It's literally an F-ing BLUEPRINT!
Oh well, no one ever said fem and ists were known for facts, logic or recognizing truth even when they're WRITING IT. Duh.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 17 days ago

So this train wreck of a woman actually managed to land a husband???

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MrA_H0Ie 18 days ago

There's a huge advantage to getting this fat at 20:18. All that lard is the result of the lack of self-control and she can't hide that any more. Every man knows instantly what a piece of shit she is, as soon as they see her. Thank you for that perfect warning sign :)

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fuckyo guvamint names
fuckyo guvamint names 18 days ago

these types no there value, and it is 0. so instead of trying to change to be decent humans they REEEE and try to change political policy to fit their fat cunt brain damage, and they are the loudest so politicians listen even tho politicians want to destroy the world to keep their power because politicians have no inherent value either

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fuckyo guvamint names
fuckyo guvamint names 18 days ago

POPP BOBA FETT FINALLY IS GETTING HIS OWN SHOW! you did a vid on him deserving his own movie well in The Mandalorian he shows up for like 6 episodes? and hes getting a spin off series directed by jon favreau the genius who made Iron man and started the whole MCU... BOBA is in good hands now unlike luke in cries of soywoker... check it out if u havent id love to see your reaction to the mandalorian BLAKE i hope yall read this

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MrA_H0Ie 18 days ago

I laughed out loud when the face at 1:22 showed up.
That's the most desperate facial expression I've seen in a long time. But she believes she's a catch :D

   2    0
TerDer 18 days ago

Popp showing that he doesn't understand MGTOW, yet again.

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fuckyo guvamint names
fuckyo guvamint names 18 days ago

He understands them better then most, hes a major reason i went mgtow and he has helped me thru a bad break up. hes dissuaded me and a LOT of other men from killing themselves over a bitch that isnt worth it.. whats ur grievance?

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blackeagle 19 days ago

You put pockets on women's clothes they won't buy them. They have to show off those curves that men are not allowed to look at.

   2    0
ICEFOX13 18 days ago

You meant the midriffs ?

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fuckyo guvamint names
fuckyo guvamint names 19 days ago

this sites kinda gone to shit. used to be on a friday popp was comin in hot with a new redonkulas episode and youtube wasnt super fucked so you had like 5k views in 5 hours and the comments were glorious.. jokes galore. man i miss those days now its like 300 views and none of your old viewers are still around crackin jokes just a bunch of retards... were all fucked i wish you the best popp dont let susan wabberjack (or jabberwocky whatever the fuck her name is) get you down or hold you back man us diehards are still watching.

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pauljh74 19 days ago

She nagged her ex-husband to death

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Sho Shuto
Sho Shuto 19 days ago

Dies laughing* Thank God for you!!

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Redpillbill 19 days ago

Good stuff Brother. Def had me laughing. Peace to Men, stay strong.

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Ypres 19 days ago

New California Law Recognizes Coercive Control as Form of Domestic Violence https://www.castrolawoffices.c....om/new-california-la

every man married to a women experiences below... good luck to you all

Coercive control is often described as an “invisible” form of domestic violence since the abuse and trauma are not immediately apparent. It occurs when someone, for example, is forced to isolate from friends and loved ones or when they are prohibited from accessing their own bank account or other economic resources. In effect, the abuser is making the victim cut all ties to the outside world so the abuser can exert a significant level of control over the victim’s life and daily activities

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nexus1961 19 days ago

The gaslighting on that could light a city bigger than NYC.. WE do that TO women?? oh, Shitly Hoballs, NO FUCKING WAY!!! How many guys have had their women isolate THEM from their friends, re;latives, what have you?? Bloody Fucking Insane!

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 19 days ago

In the age of COVID lockdowns, her dating has become extremely problematic.

It doesn't help that the available alpha males are laughing at her.

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onlypinhead2000 19 days ago

You have all the time in the world ladies.... until you don't.

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jeffclouser 19 days ago

Yesterdays marathon show was the bomb Popp. Today's show was great too. Did the guys call you Hog Slayer because of Ditch Pigs ? Just asking for a friend.

   5    0
WatchersOnTheWall 19 days ago

Screen 5

   3    0
Grayman 19 days ago

POP, rules.

   4    0
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