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YogiOabs Sperging On The Internet


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Published on 09 Dec 2022 / In Film & Animation


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Emre 2 months ago

Indigenous people now also have internet access and social media and women are taking advantage of this effectively. See here to watch the video https://youtu.be/8t3OI25Gi1Q

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MartinGOLDBERG 2 months ago

He probably enjoyed the femininity material they posted.

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JJJJJ 2 months ago

Aside from the hook nose, yogi is a decent looking curry

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Dallas_LooksMaxxer 2 months ago

That was cringy

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jon123 2 months ago

Look at that indian mogging machine. Trust and believe after he made that, he had 1000s of hot white girls DMing him, and begging for him to stick his p into their v.

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