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Women Are Turning Into Bad Boys - MGTOW

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Published on 07 Jun 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Manosphere - Misogynistic Suicide by Woman: PUAs, Incels, MGTOWs, and Pillers (Red and Black)

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Georges. He didn't send me a topic with his donation so what I thought I'd do is cover a video about the Manosphere that came out a while back by Sam Vaknin the fifth or sixth most intelligent man in the world based on IQ in the world. I put his video down in the description. In it he postulates that the manosphere, including PUAs, Incels and MGTOWs have it wrong when it comes to women. That women are not looking for Alpha males but they are instead looking for beta males. That the manosphere doesn't understand women while pretending like they do. A while back I reached out to Sam and wanted to do a video about him about MGTOW. He seemed ok at
first but when I told him what times I was available during the day he only gave me times that conflicted with my schedule and then said I guess you probably don't want to speak to me again. I didn't know if he was joking or being serious and if that was his plan as a psychologist to play with my mind. He's a self proclaimed narcissist so I just didn't have time to deal with his bullshit. A week or two later he makes a video with Richard Grannon where they are
laughing and mocking MGTOW together. I don't really take too much of his take on MGTOW seriously but as I was saying earlier he's highly inteligent so I at least consider what he has to say in an unbiased way. I think he's right that increasingly women want beta instead of alpha males with regards to male behavior. But I think he's wrong that they want men unattractive men. Instead it seems that they want good looking yet submissive men. That's the holy grail for modern masculinized women. Part of it has to do with good looking babies and another part has to do with their hedonistic desire for hot casual sex. But what does this mean for men in a dating market where women want attractive beta males they can control and manipulate instead of the Alphas that tell them what to do. I'll get to my thoughts about this issue in just a moment but first here's a word from the sponsor ayam sirias: Now back to the video. I think that Sam is right that women have turned into jerks. Women are covered in tattoos and many don't want bad boys anymore. Instead they want to be bad boys. Sam's theory is very interesting that I've seen in action in my dating endeavors and generally meeting women over the last ten years. Women are idealizing jerks and want to be them. But if men act like jerks it's increasingly a turn on and I've been turned down when acting that way. Remember that opposites attract. If modern western men are cucked and weak then the opposite of a weak cucked man is a strong liberated woman. So of course the pair bond is being flipped upside down. To have success in this dating market as a man means you have to hide your strength and play up to your weaknesses. You have to be a wolf in simps clothing.

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DocteurDoome7 2 years ago

Oh yeah! Masculine acting women are soooo attractive. Take your ball and go home. Leave these women to rot out their ovaries. Not worth the squeeze.

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HarshReality 2 years ago

Dating has been dead since the 20th century.

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grbolivar 2 years ago

BTW women marry the beta/provider while fucking the bad boy on the side, has always been like that, nothing new here. I think he is confusing marrying with love/attraction.

   2    0
grbolivar 2 years ago

He bought all of that patriarchy/women oppressed/marxists rhetoric. Not so smart after all.

   4    0
UnwillingVillian 2 years ago

He's exemplifying the difference between intelligence and wisdom.

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