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Why the 2020 election isn't a repeat of 2000

Published on 08 Nov 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣Ever since Joe Biden was declared the projected president-elect, The Great Cheeto and his minions are throwing accusations around that Biden "won" due to electoral fraud and compared this election to the 2000 election where news outlets falsely predicted Gore would win in 2000.

In this video I will elaborate on why I believe this is a false equivalence, despite voting for the (God) Emperor of all things Orange himself over Grope "take away your AR-15/Duluth Model" Biden.

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Robokitty 2 years ago

I love how Joe Biden is verified by Google.

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Igor MGTOW And Video Games

texas and 17 other states have made a lawsuit which will go to the supreme court and there is evidence of atleast some voter irregularities at best

on that note we agree to dissagree

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Inslayerclone 2 years ago

Trump will win

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