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Why Doesn't This Woman Have A Man?... (Don't Ask Steve!)

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Published on 17 Sep 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣Recently on "The Steve Harvey Show," an over-weight woman asked Steve if he thinks that the fact that she blows a whistle while dancing at the club is scaring men off, and if this is the reason she doesn't have a man. It's really because she's fat. But of course, "Steve the Simp" lied to her, by not mentioning her weight. I give my analysis of her situation, and pose the question, "Why does this society frown upon a man telling women the bare truth that they so badly need to hear?"

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Jazzipan 12 months ago

Let these deluded women roll their way to their doom....

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MrA_H0Ie 1 year ago

Come on.
This fat, obnoxious cunt deserves to remain lonely until she dies.
Steve cashes in on these idiots.
I'm pretty sure he knows just as well as you know that these cunts would neither understand nor accept the truth so it's useless to tell them. Steve does the right thing, make some light hearted fun and cash in. Don't even try to explain them how disgusting and stooooopid they are.
They don't deserve honesty. They deserve to suffer the consequences of their selfish, short sighted decisions.

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sorearm 1 year ago

Brain bleach needed. The whistle acts as a warning signal - large landmass ahead! What a disgusting fat hog

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Alpha Male Lifestyle

keep the whistle let men know you are crazy rather than finding out the hard way

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ShaperOfThings 1 year ago

Honestly, I don't even give a fuck enough about these broads to help them with constructive criticism. I'm waiting for these needless WuFlu lockdown restrictions to be lifted so the gyms can go back to normal operations.

I'm a fat-ass myself, AND I'm poor (not rich [by AMERICAN standards]). I focus on MY OWN personal development, instead of wasting my efforts/attention/time/money on these (entitled, arrogant, delusional, spoiled, pampered, and coddled) land-whales.

Great content!

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Max_Dominate 1 year ago

@0:10 - Word. Word...Word.

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