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Why Calf Stretches Aren't Working (Ankle Mobility Part 1)

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Published on 05 Nov 2019 / In Film & Animation

Hip Mobility Course: https://reduxmvmt.com/

This covers basic stretches that most people know of, but are doing incorrectly and not benefiting from. Focus on the basics consistently!

Part 1 of the Ankle Mobility Series covering:

1) Calf Stretching
2) Shin Stretching
3) Basic Foot Stability

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Stalwart 8 months ago

Excellent and highly overlooked info.

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Username 9 months ago

Good info.

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TheRemainder 1 year ago

Nice I was just looking for some good stretches. My left Achilles has been hurting every time I wake up especially when I walk to work. Good video need more stuff like this around here.

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ReduxMovement 1 year ago

Thanks for commenting. Tight calves and/or shins are a huge contributor to achilles pain. Look up "Foot Rocker" on Amazon, I have all of my clients get one.

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