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Victor Marx on How Big Tech & Artificial Intelligence Influence Child Predators | SRS #83

Published on 29 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

Victor Marx is a high risk humanitarian, former U.S. Marine, author, filmmaker, and lays claim to the World's fastest gun disarm.

In part three, Marx tells us more about his is incredible mission work across the globe. Shawn and Victor discuss faith and the role it plays in a world on the brink. Marx's history and humanitarian work gives him a unique perspective on the challenges facing the United States today.

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Victor Marx Links:
Website - https://victormarx.com | https://iamvictormarx.com
Contact - https://victormarx.com/contact
IG - https://www.instagram.com/victormarx
X - https://twitter.com/victormarx

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00:00 - Introduction
04:15 - Rescue missions
20:27 - Capturing an ISIS fighter
30:15 - ISIS’ treatment of children
35:14 - High value target
41:41 - Problems in the United States
55:26 - Conservative host called out
1:08:15 - Statistics: Is it worse or is the veil being lifted?
1:19:26 - Defining spiritual warfare
1:30:11 - Advice for resisting evil

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