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TIME Magazine Claims An Elite Cabal Conspired To Stop Trump From Winning, Manipulating Laws And News

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Published on 06 Feb 2021 / In News & Politics

TIME Magazine Claims An Elite Cabal Conspired To Stop Trump From Winning, Manipulating Laws And News. They celebrate the news as though defenders of Democracy saved the day. They call it the Shadow Campaign that "saved" the 2020 election.

Democrat elites, Political insiders, Corporate Media, and Big Tech moguls are said to have been involved in a "cabal" in order to protect the "proper outcome" of the election.

While they claim they did not explicitly want to stop Trump from winning, because of course they can't say that, they claim they were fighting against Trump's disinformation

What is revealing is how Democrat lawyer Marc Elias is now claiming votes were not read by voting machines properly in a much similar way that Trump and his allies claimed, though not completely the same.

The game is rigged by a cabal of powerful elites to ensure the winner of our election was their preferred winner. And that is not my opinion, its the claim by TIME Magazine


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Grin_Reaper 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing the video here. I'm trying to use youtube less and less and bitchute still sucks for me.

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KEEPER 2 months ago

i use youtube, but i adblock the ever living hell out of them. and use their bandwidth, i would rather cost youtube money without giving anything back in return.

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MrA_H0Ie 28 days ago

@KEEPER: Same. I use Brave, so no ads whatsoever. And I watch videos for fun on youtube only, wasting their bandwidth.

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cth96190 2 months ago

The electoral process has been rendered useless.
The election was fraudulent.
Biden is not the legitimate President.
To arms!

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