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TikTok- Murder Gone Viral - The Mother & Daughter Killers - British Crime 2024

Published on 07 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

We hear a lot about so called social Media and the evil and gorruotion of it with brainless Influencers and such? well here is a Crime Documentary that proves the point. Two totally EVIL Daughter and mother women Murder a boyfriend and his totally innocent friend who gave him nothing more a lift. These two women are pretty much like million's of other women in this TikTok age of entitlement and no responsibility. In my oppinion they are psychopaths not unlike many women today who are MENTALLY IILL due to feminism and Social Media? not forgetting the CUCK's they drew into their evil game of revenge.

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Pausing it at 35 seconds - Muh Mootha an Miiiii...

Fuck.... Beaten with the whole ugly tree.

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