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There is a cure for diabetes - Gabriel Cousens

Published on 29 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣I think he really knows his stuff but it sort of seems to border on "Vegan Fanatacisim".

"Every food is bad for you and everything is taboo" - so to speak.

I am not a fan of radical mung bean philosophy, but there are squillions of people who ate anything and everything contrary to SOME of his ideas, and they died of old age and nautral causes.

100 - 200 years ago, most people ate fresh vegetables and meat and anything else they could get to suppliment the diet.

Though I would not discount ⁣Gabriel Cousens as an idiot and for many of us, cleaning our diets right up, is probably a very good idea, I just wish he would put up a list of good foods and bad foods and what an appropriate amount is to consume on a daily basis.

I look at the FOODS that he is into and for the most part, they are brilliant...


And you can always compare the meals here.


But I am rather circumspect about the mystical lotions and potions he sells in his online store....

He does a line of Tachyonised mystical things, and from my ancient memory, a Tachyon was a mythical faster than light partical that was used in time travel devices and faster than light ships. This is great for science fiction, and a good bullshit yarn, but I don't know if he is expressing his sense of humor, or making up a clever marketing name, or is a bonafide kook, but you cannot add magical influences to your snake oils, if there is no magic. It's not to say his lotions and potions are worthless, but anything with "Tachyonised" at $90 a small bottle, tends to add incredulity to it's claims of great efficacy.


In terms of loony tunes rationalisations, where everything causes diabetes, he keeps citing statistics of how much so many things, cause diabetes.... "If you eat more than 2 eggs a week your chances of developing diabetes go up by 28%" - I call horse shit on his studies and him his act of quoting them. Almost all people get diabetes from eating starch and sugars, in large amounts and from not exercising. From his list, you would have to avoid almost everything, even fresh air.

But I will not shit can him outright. He is NOT a complete fool, and the VEGAN foods he is creating and all that, ARE FRESH LIVING PLANT FOODS. This is really good shit. I'd be prepared to go with his foods and have a decent amount of eggs, cheese, meat and all that as well.

I have put up a couple of videos by Harry Lustic - a straight university / endrochonologist who essentially is NO fool, and he is saying more or less identical / similar thing, so I know Cousens is not an idiot. Who knows, I might buy his book and read it.

⁣01. Harry Lustig - Sugar - The Bitter Truth. ⁣https://www.mgtow.tv/v/AIDoh9

⁣02. Harry Lustig - Fructose Two Point Zero ⁣https://www.mgtow.tv/v/AW9VJn

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