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The WALL is Undefeated? - MGTOW

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Published on 01 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by the fourth and final donation from Nick and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, this is Nick, I have been a fan for the past year. Some background is that I’m 37 living and have about ten years of relationship experience with a few women, but mostly have been single and not had much luck with women (which I can now see is a blessing in disguise). I only became Red pilled maybe a year ago and subscribe to many such channels, so most of my Journey has been Blue/Purple Pill (and thus involved a lot of Simping). Anyways, as for my topic I have heard you say in passing that you reject the common MGTOW claim that “the Wall is undefeated,” but I’ve not heard you really explain why you reject it. From the little info you provided, it seems your reasoning is that no matter what situation a woman finds herself in after her mid 30s, there is always a simp willing to take her, especially if she can still market herself as good looking. I think that’s true, as I’ve been shocked to see certain conservative Catholic women getting married in their late 30s and even 40s, when her chances of conceiving are very low (I’ve heard the stories of their struggles). That said, I think the claim still holds true for the most part, as most women in their late 30s don’t seem to get much interest from men, especially since most of them have below average looks by then, and thus the Wall does most often “win”. Well Nick I'll discuss why I don't agree with you and actually believe the wall is a myth in the west in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Rub Done Right: Anyways, now back to the seventy year old women marrying forty year old men clown world show. Nick you so why do I reject the phrase "The WALL is Undefeated?" well because I've seen that it's a myth that doesn't exist. I've seen old and elderly women that look their bodies are being held together with duck tape and crazy glue still getting the attention of men along with their gue. If you don't believe me why don't you try this. Go onto your phone and download FaceApp which is an app that lets you alter your appearance. Use it to turn a photo of you into a female appearance. After you do that age yourself using the app to make that female version look about fifty or sixty. The create a fake Tinder profile and put up the picture and wait for guys to contact you. Smile in the photo and look like you're a happy person and in the profile say you're a sexy senior citizen looking for someone to keep up with you in life. I guarantee that if you're living in a big city within a week you'll have hundreds of guys contacting your fake profile for a booty call even if you have boobs that hang down to your boots. I've also watched an incel documentary showing how a pig nosed two hundred and fifty pound woman with hair all over her chest. That monstrosity was photo shopped and there were hundreds of men lining to smash a fake woman that looked like a wall herself with a pig nose. The documentary said that looks don't matter to a man in sexual starvation mode. So even the older women can find someone. Those late thirties and early forties that you saw alone that had below average looks even they would be able to find a man if they lowered their expectations. With women the wall doesn't win even if their body starts to take the shape of a wall. I've met a seventy year old woman online six months back that was being picky. But in all honesty I think the confusion about if the wall exists or if it doesn't depends on men. The wall is very real in a place like China because parents put a lot of pressure on their sons to marry women while they are young and fertile. But in the west that doesn't matter.

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wayfarer 2 months ago

The wall is invisible but it's still there.

Post-wall women have good chances of giving away their tacos no problem. I remember reading about a woman of undetermined age who had no teeth left - and she found her niche, there would always be a line of guys just for BJs!

Probably not what she expected from life though.

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csehszlovakze 2 months ago

as for Cosby, watch Lion of MGTOW's video, he's pretty spot on.

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MAcohen 2 months ago

absolutely. your completely right. I’ve seen it first hand 2 days ago. The wall doesnt exist in the west. Guys call women ugly over the internet and date the same women in person. Simple as that.

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Mr_Sluggo 2 months ago

Post wall woman with younger guy is nothing more than a practice bitch. (or boredom bitch)

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csehszlovakze 2 months ago

how many post wall women can get a man THEY DESIRE to commit? just because you think she isn't settling doesn't mean she doesn't think she's settling. don't project your mate selection process on females!

hence, the wall is undefeated. Q.E.D.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

They all hit that wall and never see it in front of them.

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