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The Value of a Man’s Unpaid Labor | Live From The Lair

Published on 03 Feb 2023 / In Comedy

If women can get awarded damages in divorce court for “unpaid labor,” equality dictates men deserve the same.
#TerrencePopp #ReparationsForMen #UnpaidLabor

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WeakEvilFart 1 month ago

Femmienism goes out the window when drafts/wars/SHTF/economical collapse happens.

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Crimson Capsule Crusader

Fun fact about Rosie the Riveter, the woman used for the original photograph (Naomi Parker Fraley) was located sometime in the 1980's as her identity was unknown at the time the posters were being produced, in an interview with her they asked about her thoughts on being an icon for feminism and women in the workplace and she admitted that once the war was over and she was no longer required to work in the factories, she happily returned to her life as a housewife and had no desire to ever take up work. This is why you won't hear feminists screaming her name and why her identity is still largely unknown as it's not something the media wants to advertise.

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Women really do need a man?
No they don't - they all told us a million times a day for the last 50 years...
Solution - "It's your car, you fix it".

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UncleIroh 2 months ago

Another banger, appreciate you doing this Popp. Young guys need to know they're worth way more than they are being told.

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Rickcoona 2 months ago

Thanks popps, greatly appreciate the very informitive video makes me want to use it as a negotiating tactic for mt next job interview! 88K a year part time, yeah i have had to de ant number of those tasks on jobs over the years, so might be worth bringing up in casual conversation when they ask "What do you bring to the table?" hehe i figure it may result in some cheek clenching reevaluation. Not to mention i have used my locksmith skills on at least three jobs and that was NOT in my job description! i got tired of the supervisor always saying nothing could be done, had to shut down until XYZ "professional" could be called out. for a lost key, (i cut a serviceable key from scratch (not a blank) in about ten minutes.) i am from a generation that just did stuff, no excuses. need a tool, Fabricate it, something breaks fix it, we are also the ones who came up with "if it sticks, force it; if it breaks, it needed replacing anyway."

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