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The TFM Show: 9/3/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 04 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

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GarbageCant 16 days ago

TFM, you need to stop with the idea that illuminating experiences while tripping are invalid. I know you have never tried psychedelics when you say that, because people who have learned things while tripping, don't claim to have "spoken with gods" or "learned from something the hallucinated elves told him". That is how psychs are shown in media but it cannot be further from the truth.

The learning that comes from tripping, comes from the lived experience, in your own flesh, of realizing how easy it is to alter your entire reality with mere brain chemistry. We all intellectually understand that what we perceive is largely a product of our brain interpreting and filtering inputs. It is an entirely different thing to actually live it.

Are there some hippies that claim they learned because they met spirits? Sure. But theyre stupid and dont know what theyre talking about.

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Darthtickles 22 days ago


the marketplace of ideas does work. however, it only works when within an enforced structure, which makes it a good analogy with actual markets.

for example, using the state apparatus to push globohomo on kids isnt the marketplace of ideas. or using backchannels with tech companies to skirt 1st amendment rights.

people think that free markets are natural and stateless, when the reality couldnt be more opposite. markets work in highly structured civilizations, and are fragile social constructs based on implicit culture and explicit laws and institutions.

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OmegaMan99 19 days ago

Markets do require structure and regulation, but so do people living in a society. Try driving safely across town without them haha.

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Darthtickles 23 days ago


but progressives arent making a better world even by their own standard, thats why theyre so dangerous and frightening

when their utopian plans inevitably fail, who do you think theyre going to blame? theyre going to blame the racists and nazis for being counter revolutionaries and sabotaging their great utopian project

accepting subjective values doesnt mean forgetting how stupid and dangerous these people are

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atomic 23 days ago

The 4 good emperors prior to Marcus Aurelius adopted because they had no biological son’s.
Hadrian had no children because he was very openly gay, he wanted Marcus Aurelius to succeed him, but knew he wouldn’t be accepted by the senate and pretorian guard due to his youth, so he chose Antoninus Pius, whom he thought was to old to be emperor for too long and forced him to adopt Marcus Aurelius.

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atomic 23 days ago

Marcus Aurelius knew his son wouldn’t be a good emperor. His choices were kill his own son and adopt a worthy heir or hope that his son, Commodus, would grow into the position. He chose the latter.

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