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The TFM Show: 4/30/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 01 May 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣Matrix Server Link: https://matrix.to/#/+monkeybusiness:midov.pl; https://matrix.to/#/!iqyyMIsjP....GQuOdyrsz:nerdsin.sp
If you registered with Matrix.org, consider creating a new account. Matrix.org accounts are the most likely to be censored. They also record you IP address and personal information for 7 years.
Here is a list of different mainstream servers you can register on: https://publiclist.anchel.nl/ from which you can click the "client" hyperlink to register there, but below are recommended servers you should consider as opposed to Matrix.org.
Here is a list of based servers that are banned from Matrix.org: https://glowers.club/wiki/doku.....php?id=wiki:homeser where you can click the hyperlink to open an account there and avoid censorship.
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Darthtickles 7 months ago


rural areas have the same sort of crime disparity that you find in cities, often based on family/clan ties

so youll have one area that are all from 4 or 5 big families, and theyre all hardworking churchgoing etc, and then youll have a different area with a different group of 5 families that are all inbred gas huffers

definitely get to know your rural area. it matters just as much as picking a neighborhood in a city

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Lorgar 7 months ago

In the Matrix metaphor:
blue pill are the normal people who want to live in the Matrix without knowing/caring for the truth
red pill are awaken people who fight against the Matrix
purple pill are the French and all the others who use redpill knowledge for their own benefit while living in the Matrix
black pill is Smith

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"The government" is thousands of individuals who may or may not agree with each other.
Sometimes the government is wrong and sometimes right.
TFM said the upcoming South Korea president is the chosen one.
And then one week later, TFM decides the South Korean president is not the chosen one.
TFM was not lying. TFM was just guessing and making predications with little or no info, as usual.
The world is full of people who parrot others and who speak about things with little understanding.

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TFM: Everything I say is the truth. Everyone who says I say disinformation is spreading lies.
I don't have to prove anything. I don't have to do anything. Get the fuck out while you still can.
But I will stay here in California because I don't believe my own advice.
I just bitch and scream at all the rich gullible fools who watch my show,
while answering FUD questions paid for by the Kremlin.
All these scary questions about nuclear war are definitely not coming from the Kremlin.
Putin is the last person who would threaten non-nuclear countries with nuclear attacks.
Abolish nato! Obey Putin or we all die! Surrender to Putin! Find your penis and fight the west.

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enduranceracing 7 months ago

1:28:00 major insight and life lesson about authenticity. Own your inadequacies and weird hobbies then no one can use them to shame you. You're sort of unblackmailable.

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Darthtickles 7 months ago

it took me until around 35 to realize that no matter what you do, people will use it against you to hurt or control you. if you wear red, theyll say that only losers wear red. if you wear blue the next day, theyll say the same about blue. on some level you know what is actually important: health, hygiene, reliability, stuff like that. everything else is completely meaningless, and if you legitimately dont care about people's opinions on it, people wont even use it against you anymore because they can tell it doesnt hurt you.

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