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The TFM Show: 4/16/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 17 Apr 2022 / In People & Blogs

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If you registered with Matrix.org, consider creating a new account. Matrix.org accounts are the most likely to be censored. They also record you IP address and personal information for 7 years.
Here is a list of different mainstream servers you can register on: https://publiclist.anchel.nl/ from which you can click the "client" hyperlink to register there, but below are recommended servers you should consider as opposed to Matrix.org.
Here is a list of based servers that are banned from Matrix.org: https://glowers.club/wiki/doku.....php?id=wiki:homeser where you can click the hyperlink to open an account there and avoid censorship.
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Jazzipan 7 months ago

As a South Asian male myself, confidence can only get you so far. But I agree with TFM about not giving a shit. What waste time, trying to pull women in these awful and treacherous times? Since I've stopped giving a shit and no longer date, my life has gone much better.

Strangely there are now women quite interested in me....washed out single mothers usually. I just do me and live my life for me.

Am I a Curry?
Am I a Curry-cel?
Am I no longer a Curry-cel?
Am I dude who's now banging Eastern European women?

Whatever I am or whatever people call me, I don't care. I just to be one thing....successful....

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Jazzipan 7 months ago

Indian confidence will get all the pussy you need....no wait....

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Darthtickles 7 months ago





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Darthtickles 7 months ago


definitely true that arousal is highly circumstantial

im in very good shape, happy, confident, all that jazz, and i could probably go 3 times a day if i wanted to

on the other hand (no pun intended), i can go 3 days without it if im really busy and tired. not stressed, not overwhelmed, but my plate is full with something to do and im using all my energy doing something besides rubbing my dick

you have a very large degree of control over your state of arousal and the need to address it. i dont think its a big deal if you jerk off a lot (or fuck a lot in better times), as long as its not screwing with your life in some way, but you should be doing it because you want to and you can, not because you feel you need to or if it makes you feel shitty after

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Lorgar 7 months ago

For all those who blame the result of their choices on TFM: you are supposed to be a man, an adult and should be able to make decisions for yourself and bear the consequences. Stop complaining a damn woman would be more responsible than you.

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