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The Single Mother Problem - MGTOW

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Published on 26 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs

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A Way To Deal With The Single Mother Problem

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by James. He didn't give me a topic so what I want to talk about is a recent post on going your own way dot com from someone named therealist and here's what he has to say and I quote: "Gentlemen, After attempting, yet again, to be understanding of a woman's "plight" (having two kids with a deadbeat) and getting, yet again, the same exact result I have found a way that we should deal with this problem. I know a lot of you still use dating apps for the occasional pump and dump. I am also sure that you probably get hit up by a single mother at least once a week. I know I do. And its always the same "my ex wont take care of these kids but, I am not looking for a man to take his place and help me" (yes they are they always are thats why they are on the site to begin with). We need to make these breeder cows understand that we are not some kind of reserve they can run to when the hot ex convict they had to procreate with unsurprisingly doesn't show up. Why should we play another mans save game? Why should we help these heffers? Its not our fault they took a running start into the wall. So my proposed idea is this: Whenever a single mother hits you up on an app report them for scamming. Make things up if you have to. These women need to understand that we are no longer going to take this bs. You all know as well as I do that they aren't looking for love. They are just looking for someone to replace the deadbeat. We seriously need to send a message that THEY messed up and now they have to live with the consequences. Gentlemen... Lets make this happen. Lets send a message." Well James thanks for the donation and thanks to the realist for posting his strategy on how to deal with single mothers. I don't think it's nearly enough. Women know that thirsty men around out there that made it to their thirties as virgins and were probably picked last while playing sports as boys on the school yard and now they are being picked last by women, many of them being single mother. Such guys were never in the sexual marketplace so they don't understand that they are the men of last resort if she has a kid or two. A woman like that might sweeten the deal by letting a simp spawn up her slit and make himself a token downy baby. Two or three percent of societies men going their own way starving such women for attention aren't going to make a difference. The only thing that might would be if all men went silent for a day and refused to speak to women. We could call it men's day of silence. If we didn't talk to women are more importantly listen to them for a week or two women would lose their minds. Then they would return to the sexual marketplace bargaining table defeated and have to make all kinds of concessions. But of course this would only work if all men were forced to keep silent with women under some sort of punishment. As for the single mother problem I'll get to that in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Red Pill Developer:

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GoofeyGoober 4 months ago

Join our MGTOW/red pill WhatsApp group!


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csehszlovakze 4 months ago

maybe when the Zuck won't require doxxing by phone number...

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hqwebsite 4 months ago

@csehszlovakze: This chat group probably will not live long. Red pill knowledge is purged everywhere.

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WindSage 4 months ago

You would have better luck with a discord, I do not want to give you my phone number. That is ripe for scam calls.

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Anonymous21 4 months ago

It's easy to demonize single mothers, but does anyone talk about single fathers?

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hqwebsite 4 months ago

Very few shows gives a good impression of a single father. It has becomes a norm for single father to be portrayed as 'dead beat' or a buffoon. Whenever someone brought this topic, I pictured one person in my mind.

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csehszlovakze 4 months ago

children raised by single fathers usually turn out better than a nuclear family.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

Reasons not to be in a relationship with a single mom:

Well, lately the number of single mothers (especially young ones) has increased and it is very likely that you will meet one. If you happen to have something with them, keep in mind certain things that you will most likely have to put up with, if not all of them.

_ One of the biggest problems is the drama around the child's father or children:

When the father frequents and is responsible for his children, one is going to have to put up with someone who had something to do with and had a child with your single mother girlfriend, talk on the phone, send messages and even see each other daily.
The truth is that many single mothers have the fantasy of going back to the father of her child and starting a family with him.
The problem is worse when he was the one who ended the relationship since it is a difficult trauma for women to overcome.
If this is the case and the father is still around, it is enough that one day the ex gets the fever so that you end up with some giant painted horns or one day he simply tells you "I'm sorry but I'm going back with the father of my children" without thinking much about what you feel.
Be careful.

_ Another problem that you will have to face is that you are just a guest and almost a stranger in an already established circle and family:

Everything may seem perfect at first and that you love the woman and accept her children and they accept you.
Things seem to be going well, you feel part of the family... but one day the relationship with that woman ends.
So...what's going to happen?
You will immediately be a stranger in that circle where you will no longer be welcome.
No matter how well you treated them or the money you gave them, the gifts you gave them, there is no bond that will keep them together, in the end you were just a stranger who spent time with his mother.
This is especially inconvenient when you decided to stay with them for a considerable time, it is time that you will not return and you will regret it all your life.

_ Something you have to be aware of is that you are going to have to put up with, help and take care of children who are probably not going to thank you and who you will never end up liking:

Sometimes children are unbearable. You will not be able to reprimand foreign children because in most cases they will come out with the typical "you are not my father" and if you do so you risk having problems with the real father or mother and of course They have no real connection with you.
If you reprimand them, you will end up being the bad stepfather to them.
They will never prefer you over their real father since many children have the fantasy that their real parents are together again and you represent a barrier between the two of them and that can generate resentment towards you since in the end you are the rival of his father.
And it's very likely that when these kids grow up and you're old they won't give a damn about what happens to you or what happens to you.
You are going to give your best years, your time, your money to those who may not thank you.

_ You will always be the second:

For a mother (a good mother, of course) her children will always be her priority and when a single mother decides to go out with someone it is because she thinks that she is also good for her children or in another case she she's desperate to get married...
And what is she looking for in a man?
The opposite of looking for a single woman without children, she is not going to look for the alpha male, she is going to look for a beta male desperate enough and unable to get women without children but with enough money to help her and her children.
Most single moms have the mindset of using men, remember they were once in a relationship that they thought was going to last forever and it ended, they rarely get over that and always have some resentment left.
If a single mother notices you, it is probably because you are giving the image that you cannot get young women without children.
Are you willing to be seen as a last option?

_ You will take care of other people's offspring when you could take care of your own:

Many single mothers no longer intend to have more children or even have surgery, that could prevent you from having your own children, even if it is not the case and you have a child with her, you will end up also taking care of and supporting the children of a a woman who didn't know how to make good choices for a partner and who got pregnant in most cases very young and with an idiot just as bad as her or worse than her without thinking about the consequences.
In short, you are going to be taking care of the children of two idiots and very likely those children will learn the attitudes of their biological parents, while you could be taking care of and raising children who are truly yours.
Think about it...
What would you think if you had children and someone else took care of them for you?
Only a real asshole would do that.

_ The money:

Most single mothers do not have enough money, the father of the child obviously wants to continue his life and meet other women so he only gives him what is necessary or what he is obliged to, if you go out and formalize with a single mother little by little he will be taking money out of your wallet until it practically evaporates in matters of the house where she and her children live and you cannot protest because they are going to leave you with the typical YOU ACCEPTED ME THAT WAY WE ARE A COUPLE AND YOU HAVE TO HELP ME, nothing guarantees that the relationship will last forever and you will be building a nest where your children will not grow but those of another.

_ The need for single mothers to form a home and get married at any price:

Most of these women have already forgotten what true love is and they are only looking for someone to commit to and hook up with, many of them only seek to get out of the situation of being alone and show society that someone is with Even though they already have children and that their past relationship didn't work out, under the pretext that they already have a family, they won't stop pressuring you to formalize the relationship, even to make you commit, that's what really matters to them, they don't make illusions that they really love you, they see something else in you.

_ Your reputation will be rock bottom :

Many people will tell you that you are a great human being if you accept a mother with her children, but the truth is that your parents will be disappointed, and your friends and acquaintances will see you with pity or pity. Can you look your father or mother in the eye and tell him that his grandchildren are adopted? From the biological point of view there is nothing worse than taking care of another person's offspring, you came to this world to take care of your own offspring because you can, not that of others. In general it is an uncomfortable situation, people will ask you is it your son and you will have to answer no or maybe you are lying and you will say yes but it will be uncomfortable.

_ You are not her savior.

Although the reality is that a single mother is at a certain disadvantage, they will never accept that.
They will never consider that you are doing them a favor by accepting her as she is, so do not expect them to thank you, therefore hanging out with a single mother does not free you from being unfaithful to you, leaving you or doing anything to you. something that can harm you morally.
Remember that they come from a relationship that was once great enough to conceive a child but ended, so many times they take defensive positions.

_ They don't have their feet on the ground:

If you have met several single mothers, you will realize that most of them live in somewhat strange situations.
Generally these women have not learned to make good decisions especially in the aspects that change their lives, if so they would not be in their current situation.
If you create a bond with a person who does not know how to decide well, one day one of her bad decisions will end up harming you.

_ If for "x" reason you have an argument with her:

Guess who or who is going to always side with her and hold a grudge against you forever even though she was to blame for the problem?
That's right: her children.
This is especially uncomfortable if you already have a formal relationship or if even worse you already live with her and her children, it is one of the most bitter and uncomfortable things you can go through. But not the only...

_ If they didn't even change for their children:

Many single mothers, despite having one or more children, want to continue leading a life of outings, parties, alcohol and looking for a new boyfriend in bars and clubs as if they had never given birth.
Just think...
If they don't even stop doing these things for their children, what can you expect from them that you're just another boyfriend?

_ They do not learn the lesson:

Most single mothers are in that situation due to their immaturity, generally getting involved with a jerk who only wanted them temporarily for sex and still irresponsibly get pregnant with him without a commitment and sometimes not even a formalization of the marriage. relationship between them.
Many of them don't change their mindset after this happens and even make the same mistakes over and over again. They do not understand that they are now in a different situation that has to be seen with more maturity and that is generally the root of all the problems that were mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

_ The worst:

There are women who have several children from several parents and are single. When you meet one of those... she just runs, she runs far, far away.
Just think about the kind of mentality that she must have so that all her relationships have been a failure and apart from all the irresponsibility that all her failed relationships had children.
In these types of cases, they are always the problem.
With this type of woman I assure you that you will spend everything that I mentioned above multiplied by ten.
Simply a woman who does not do stupid things and has her feet on the ground would never reach that situation.
That is why I affirm that something is really wrong with women of this type.

_ To end:

I can only tell you that if you are a single, young man without children, starting a relationship with a single mother can make your life miserable.



GO... DO IT...



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Constantine_Looksmax 4 months ago

Epic post!

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bigintol03 4 months ago

@ El Hombre por su Cuenta: Props for taking the time to write all that brother! Very eloquently stated!

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