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The MOST Important Cancer Prevention

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Published on 02 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

Intermittent FastingBasics: https://youtu.be/3dHcT1-K-tw​
Cancer SurvivorInterview: https://youtu.be/wiGVsUtCZwI​

What is the absolute most important thing you could do to potentially help prevent cancer?

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Cancer prevention0:10​
Fasting and cancer2:28​
Why fasting may help5:08​
What if you already have cancer? 6:38​

A protocol a person may want to consider if they’re interested in preventing cancer:

1. OMAD (one meal a day) on a regular basis

2. Do a 48-hour fast on the weekends

3. Take sea salt(1-1.5 tsp.), B vitamins, and trace minerals
4. Do a seven day fast every month (build-up to this)

Why intermittent fasting could potentially help:

• It can stop mTOR(a growth factor)

• It can decrease IGF-1 (a growth factor)

• It can stimulate autophagy (recycle old damaged proteins)

• It can generate new stem cells for your immune system (your immune system kills cancer cells)

• It can drop inflammation

• It can increases resistance for normal cells when exposed to chemotherapy and radiation therapy (cancer cells will be sensitive to chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
• Garlic
A few natural things someone could try if they have cancer:

• Alpha-lipoic acid (.4-.8g per day, start small and gradually increase over 2-3weeks)

• Garcinia (1.2-3gper day, start small and gradually increase over 2-3 weeks)

• Red algae (8gper day)

• Black seed oil(500mg 2x per day)

• Green tea

• Cruciferous vegetables (including broccoli sprouts)

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Kobe1i 6 months ago

Hey bro my family member is a cancer survivor and had B cell lymphoma. He told me his lymphocytes was low for past 2 years due to all the radiation and chemo, now it’s normal levels thanks to this excessive called rebounding (mini trampoline). Look into it, apparently there’s scientific evidence it works on the lymphatic system.

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mgtowlive 6 months ago

Some told me that to a fast a week For Greek Easter

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Mgtow_economics 6 months ago

Agreed. If not fasting, then stay skinny. Obesity, in general, is a sign of a physiological malfunction, often as a result of stressors in one's life (relationships/ job/ career/ debts). These stressors are major inciting factors for cancer. Additionally, aim to ingest clean food and clean water. I wouldn't trust the municipal water supply, due to lead in the water supply, a variety of heavy metals & soft metals.

I do agree with him when it comes to garlic. It serves multiple health purposes, and it is an excellent slug repellent when in solution (for horticulture). However, I disagree with his advice regarding cruciferae vegetables. I actually think cruciferae are probably toxic to the human body.... The brassicaceae family are about the only plant family where the soil mycorrhiza (soil fungi) will not form mycorrhizal connections with Brassicae. In other words, even the fungi don't like brassicae. Nor do children. Children are like blank slates, and if their palate tells them not to eat something, then maybe the palate should be trusted.

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