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The Liberal Redneck: Pass the Equal Rights Amendment! Women's Equality! With Extra GOAT

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Published on 09 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

So, the Liberal Redneck...mind numbed, brainwashed, automaton wants to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

Because as you know, women, who are all oppressed in the United States in 2021, don't have the same rights as men do...under the law. Everyone knows that, right?

I do not understand how grown adults with brains to think can look around this country and actually believe that women are oppressed in any widespread manner. How can people think this? And more important; how in the world is the ERA going to 'fix' whatever minor first world problems women 'have' in the United States?

Well, it won't. It's feel good feminist propaganda and bullshit. I hope they pass it and listen to the lamentations of the wammens when their special privileges start getting taken away because some of these would be un Constitutional...the wailing...and the gnashing of teeth.

The Liberal Redneck


The Equal Rights Amendment


Voting Rights




Arguments for and Against


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SQUEAK077 23 days ago

Reminds me listening to this knowing a friend of mine who went through vietnam and still trusts govt...

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Stinky_Hillbilly 26 days ago

He's not a redneck! He's an old hippie simp pretending to be a redneck... Fuck him and his brain dead shit...

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Johnny_Cage 25 days ago

That's what he struck me as too. Hippies had some great points about senseless wars and the evils of nepotistic insane rich people. However they have no clue about masculinity. Most of them are spineless beta rejects.

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