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the death of relastions in the work place

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Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In Entertainment

the death of relastions in the work place

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Truth_Hurts 3 months ago

Feminism is cancer. Women should be housewives. The misconduct awareness training won't discuss the bell curve of male attractiveness which is critical to any sexual harassment assessment.

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Sigma RoDan
Sigma RoDan 3 months ago

These folks aren’t realizing that more men will go MGTOW for the long term

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Edward Longshanks
Edward Longshanks 1 month ago


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Yiannis Milonas
Yiannis Milonas 3 months ago

Less wHaaamens will be employed its that simple.

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pirania 3 months ago
Wolf178 3 months ago

My experiences Gents.
1st girlfriend in high school
She got my attention first. Told me she had hepatitis. Due to the oneitis crap I agreed to date her. She dumped me just to date another guy. Next year she was telling teachers I was stalking her and I was not sure what she told our classmates but they were on me to bury the hatchet with her. Nothing more than to protect her reputation.
Coworker at burger king also got my attention first. I told her I was 20 she didn't tell me her age but I gathered she was 10 to 15 years older than me. I thought it was a casual sex case but no a month in she starts talking about marriage and I pump the breaks and tell her what this is. Her response was to file a harassment claim.
Job at a Sears call center. A older woman occupied my time for about 2 years. I didn't jump her because she told me she was sexually assaulted by her brother in law. I told her I needed to do my own thing if we weren't going to smash. She starts dating a lesbian, the lesbian gives her a set of hubcaps. Her car loses one from the passenger front wheel. I find it in front of the business give it to a male friend (whom I found wasn't much of a friend later on). I tell him to tell her he found it. Last break I go out to my jeep, it has factory rims, but I noticed that a LUG NUT WAS MISSING. I get my tire iron and find that all the nuts have been loosened to the point the TIRE WOULD FALL OFF IF THE VEHICLE MOVED. I try to file a claim and the manager acts like I'm crazy, and blows it off as the nuts loosened over time and fell off. Umm no I do all my own maintenance, no way that would happen.

Last one so far. FEMINIST. Already had it down no messing with coworkers and was in a relationship. I get called into the office because she is saying I'm purposely taking my breaks late to harasse her. I laugh at the manager letting her know we don't control our breaks, we can ask but the folks running the floor have the ultimate say so on when we go and they know I'm ok with getting pushed back if things are not right(it was a emergency call center). She leaves years ago and I leave also. At some point I see her on Facebook and I friend her because I think she probably wanted to smash but was upset I don't fawn over her. We get in a fight about some feminist b.s about rape fear vs man worrying about false allegations. She has the nerve to tell me that false allegations are rare. In a off handed way I try to make her remember you filed one against me because other people were in the conversation. I ended up telling her in a private mess5if she hates me to just block me. I don't seek sympathy from those devoid of empathy and told her to not forget about CMS. A DAY LATER SHE FINALLY BLOCKED ME. WIN FOR ME. IDGAF

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BIGLOAD 3 months ago

Yeah Man- forget gettin' Pussy at the warehouse.

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