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The Comment Wars Troiler - Anti-MGTOW

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Published on 13 Jul 2020 / In Other

⁣Good morrow ladies and gents! It is I the Crimson Crusader, a newbie Anti-MGTOW YouTuber coming out with #firstvideo #antimgtow! This troiler (troll trailer) is here to promote my new series called The Comment Wars! In this series, I will be responding to the arguments of a MGTOW YouTuber called Square.Peg who has made a video about 30 long. That's a FREAK'N long video to respond to a lot of comments I made in the comment section of one of his videos. Hopefully, you guys like this troiler (trol trailer) and please watch until the end of this video for more information!
PS: Relax MGTOW this video is just a funny parody I made. I don't believe all MGTOW are nerds, losers, and etc.

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Video Notes:
This video is NOT intended to be a malicious personal attack against this YouTuber! Instead, it is a parody and commentary about his opinions, ideas, perspectives, and his presentation of the material.

Certain video clips in this video are copyrighted material from the MGTOW YouTube channel called Square.Peg. I do not take credit or ownership for any of his creative work. Clips from his video are included for the purpose of commentary, parody, and criticism. If you would like to view the original material feel free to check out his YouTube channel. The link will be provided below:
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Crusade Heavy Industry by Kevin MacLeod

Modifications: Soundtrack cut down to a 13 second segment (part of the original soundtrack used - 00:04:18-00:17:00), Fade in 1 second & Fade out 1.40 seconds

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"Fanfare for Space" by Kevin MacLeod (
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Modifications: Soundtrack cut to a 18 second segment (part of the original soundtrack used - 0:01:00-0:18:00)

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Lord of the Land by Kevin MacLeod

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