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Women Are Making Men Paranoid - MGTOW

Published on 23 Apr 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, Something odd is happening now with that female coworker I mentioned in a previous video. One afternoon she almost crashed into me from an adjacent corridor in the office. She was wearing a head covering with an athletic tshirt and we almost teletubbied. Luckily I walk like how I drive and avoided impact. For a second, turned her face and tried to reverse course but when she saw I passed by she continued her trek. The look on her face was weird. The next day I changed my route. Strangely, at the afternoon, she walked into my direction and smiling. I avoided crossing paths. This sounds like a setup to me. She hasn’t visited me at my cubicle to say hi, sent messages or anything. I believe that any word I say to her will be specifically used against me. What do you think?" Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation. I believe you were a brown Muslim man and the woman covering her head is also a Muslim. You're acting with the same paranoia white western men deal with when they deal with western women. So you've been ignoring this woman and then she tries to colide with you in the hallway and she has a similar background to you and she probably thinks the reason you're avoiding her is because you have an interest in her and she might even be interested in you. So instead of approaching you directly and taking the risk that you reject you a hallway collision is a lot safer. It seems like random chance. But that didn't work on you because you're hypervigilant probably even a bit paranoid about her intentions in this day and age of metoo madness. Again I told you before that she might be interested in you. What gives you the sneaky suspicion that she's going to use your words against you? Maybe she thinks your a nice guy and wants to put you in the friend zone? Maybe she wants you to ask her out. It's hard to say but I'm leaning towards her being interested in you. Women do this to me. They get into my vicinity so that I start up a conversation with them. If I ignore them long enough they get the message and stop talking to me. All except the most psycho ones. Your story is interesting because I'm sure other guys out there regardless of their cultural or religious background in the west are probably getting paranoid about losing their job or getting metooed so they are staying away from women and cutting them off from all communiction. Not because these guys are going their own way but because they are afraid of social interactions because women have the power to ruin men's lives now. Women have thrown the baby out with the bath water. More like with metoo they have increasingly scared away male relationship partners and friends out with the creeps. In their desperate attempt to control male behavior and police us so that men that they deem creepy don't approach them they have made it unsafe for most men. Men that don't have much experience women, probably yourself included don't want to take the risk of potentially approaching a woman that might be interested in you. Ironically if you don't acknowledge her then she's probably thinking you have someone better than her in your life. So that would make her see you as a high value male if you don't talk to her. So It's possible the more you push her away and make yourself unavailable the more you become irresistable to her. Maybe you have more status than her at your job. I don't know. I'll discuss more in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor MET VPN:

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WMHarrison94 28 days ago

Evil refers to Eve, like Biblical Eve... just assume all women are evil and want to steal your shit... even if she pretends to love you. Enough said. Their minds is like a spinning pinwheel. While it's stopped for a moment, that's her emotional reality and then a wind come along and it's spinning again... I don't think they were ever good for long-term commitment: It was just the threat of death that kept them in line and pretending to be happy...

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