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The Art Of Cope: Just Live In The Fantasy If You Want It So Bad!

Grim Lord's Games & Rants
Published on 27 Feb 2021 / In People & Blogs

Game: Cybercrush 2069

In the first video of my Art Of Cope series, I will be discussing the importance of the fantasy experience of dating sims, anime and other forms of romantic or erotic entertainment and what the reality of many of these things entails. I'm friends with many women from all over the world on social media and I see so many L's folks. And as they get older and even more insecure, these get worse. If you love the fantasy of having a relationship so much, then just go live in one of these fantasy worlds where you can relive the dream over and over again. Because the reality of all this is not so bright and as years pass, it will never be like the interactions in these artificial landscapes that have been created for your own enjoyment.

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