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TAOGYOW - Her Plan from the Start!

Published on 17 May 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Her plan is setting you up for a costly Divorce from the start! This lays out her con-game.

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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 9 days ago

that's so fuckn true. men look for better jobs and some women think it's a great chance to upgrade before your probation is over. fuck it's annoying

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ZeroFucks 9 days ago

The worst thing, it's your money they are spending that's going towards getting a better man. They will dump you in a second if a better opportunity presents itself.

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TAOGYOW - The Art of Going Your Own Way!

...But, even worse yet is they will use your own resources against you to destroy you! It's a diabolical plan.

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ZeroFucks 9 days ago

@TAOGYOW - The Art of Going Your Own Way! : I tried in my 20's and came to the conclusion "I am NEVER going to win this game, so why play it?" I had a girlfriend that was being hit on multiple times a day. By guys with more money, bigger cock, better everything. You have to realize when you are going to lose the battle.Been MGTOW almost 20 years, rich, single, and do whatever the fuck I want every day..

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ZeroFucks 8 days ago

@ZeroFucks: In my 20's none of these women gave a single fuck about me. They were only concerned with Chad and Tyrone. I would have loved to get married to a awesome women and lived a awesome married life

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