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So, THIS is their plan to keep BIDEN in power for 4 more years Redacted with Clayton Morris

Published on 17 Apr 2024 / In News & Politics

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Here's the plan to keep President Biden in power for 2024. Anthony Rubin from https://Muckraker.com joins us to bring down the shocking plan.

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Toki 1 month ago

Women have social power so we are screwed until men stop simping. This guy has female guests and hosts on his show so he's part of the problem. Also where does this guy work? Nowhere you say? So he's just as useless as Biden consuming resources while contributing what? His opinions on the net? That's not worth any income. A politician would expect free money for streaming also.
The best solution is demanding the elimination of Gov thrones as a concept. Just get rid of the king's position. Tell politicians they can go get real jobs like real men do. If they want to eat they can work for it like the average man. Your biggest enemy is submission.

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