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Sydney THOTson doesn't want women to be able to CHOOSE who they date and marry.

Published on 27 Nov 2023 / In Entertainment

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Your lessons and insights into Stupid What's On, are very good and they are invaluable...

Stupid What's On is an insufferable piece of lying, manipulative shit.

The longer this cunt is on screen, the harder it is to watch.

I give it 6 months and Stupid What's On can't make enough to buy condoms to whore her old arse out with.

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The fucking retarded arsehole hypocrazy of Silly What's On - the dumb fuck old moll, "Oh this chick is flashing her gash at people online, by the millions, and when they send her a dick pick back for money, (where she is getting paid for it), all of a sudden it's a bad thing, being done by bad men....."

Punch Stupid What's On in the face - just deck that malignant, nasty, lying OLD bitch....

That mind fucking -- bitter old piece of shit....

This fucking idiot has just gotten really pissy about the fact that no one wants to fuck her any more.....

You see - there are so many kids who grow up with cunts like Stupid What's On for mothers, and when they get old enough to figure out that these bitches have really fucked with their heads, they start saying, "I hate my mothers guts" - "she should be shot in the face / shoved off a cliff etc."

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Silly What's On = Old Moll.

First Prize. ONE date with Silly What's On.

Second Prize. TWO dates with Silly What's On.

Third Prize. THREE dates with Silly What's On.

I have a better idea.... How about I just don't go in the raffle?



"Moll" derives from "Molly", used as a euphemism for "whore" or "prostitute". The Oxford English Dictionary lists the earliest usage in a 1604 quote by Thomas Middleton: "None of these common Molls neither, but discontented and unfortunate gentlewomen."

Silly What's On, a discontented and unfortunate gentlewomen, is an Old Moll.

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Lucifer333 3 months ago


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