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Super Thots Harass Delivery Man

Published on 08 Jun 2020 / In Film & Animation

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Sigma RoDan
Sigma RoDan 9 months ago

These thots look like gorillas in a zoo

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Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher 9 months ago

I would've saw some shit like that coming a mile away and got outta there. I don't play about stupid shit.

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Joemama 9 months ago

I wouldn't fuck them with your dick. lol

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Hardcore 9 months ago

04:17 that thing has a monkey face

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This is so inappropriate and immature what these sharmutas are doing, and they need to put some goddamn clothes on. We are getting sick and tired of the pussy passing and we're about to put our feet slammed down on the ground and say enough is enough. That poor good hearted man has to put up with a bunch of sexual deviant cunts.

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Furioso 9 months ago

Their super greasy @sses are disgusting ,this man should prosecute these nasty whores for sexual assault

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These hookers are going to give the poor man shell shock.

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Councilof1 9 months ago

That video reminds of a line from a show: way to go to Strippers'R'Us to showcase your IQ. It's amazing how this double standard moved in my life and it makes me wonder just how far it's going to go? Good find.

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