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Single Mom BEGS To Be Blown Out! #shorts

Ribby The Party Frog
Published on 03 Jul 2022 / In Comedy
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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

Are men not going to bars to see these bar flies? I mean I work nights and all those "Judgmental" Christian Conservatives, "Why could you possible justify drinking alcohol as nine in the morning?" Because I only been offa work for an hour or so-- it's my Happy Hour that you normies have post work on the way home to dealing with your toxic male hating wives.

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Mr_Sluggo 1 month ago

China must be looking at this and saying to themselves, Damn American Bitches are desperate.

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joolco22 1 month ago

She can keeping on begging, being a cum dumpster is what got her in this position in the first place.

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 1 month ago

what a femon does best, whoring

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Mustang 1 month ago

Herpes anyone???

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