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SILENCED SCIENCE: The Hidden Study That Will Blow Your Mind!


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Published on 08 Jun 2023 / In People & Blogs

✅ Get Access To The Program: https://bit.ly/3w7mRjt
Project: "Speak Into Existence"

This is what toroidal fields, created by the sounds we make when we speak, look like. Phenomenal research has been conducted to illustrate the different shapes and structures of these toroidal fields that are associated with different letters and sounds, especially vowels. As we speak, these toroidal fields that we generate and shape with our mouths – infinite forms, shapes, and creativity – actually transform into scalar waves. This scalar technology permeates all of creation instantly. The thoughts we have or the words we speak don't need an explanation to permeate all of creation. This occurs instantaneously.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 The Toroidal Field
4:06 Michael Tellinger "Let there be light."
4:52 The Multidimensional Symphony of Vowels
9:41 Everything Manifests as a Torus Shape
10:03 From Manifestation to Instantaneity: The Scalar Wave Connection
13:57 A Scalar Tool
14:16 The Creative Potential of Speech: Language as a Catalyst for Transformation
18:21 Get Access to the Program
Speech by Video Advice
Inspired by Michael Tellinger: https://www.youtube.com/@UCLF2DONV6JCJUs6eK6POaxg
Check out his website: https://www.michaeltellinger.com/
Footage: Videoblocks and Artgrid
Music: Epidemic Sound and Artlist
References used under Fair Use Law
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WMHarrison94 10 months ago

Well, that was interesting. I think sound technology to levitate stones, large stones perhaps Stonehenge size stones, and mine gold from the earth in circular motions...perhaps in South Africa..

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