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She Has A Crush On Me - MGTOW

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Published on 26 Dec 2019 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Johnpil and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, When I was 20 I was hopelessly in love on a girl my age in my Engineering class. She was what we call a "ten". However, while she knew I was in love with her she decided to date another guy that had much higher grades than I had. I studied like a dog to get high grades as well, but at graduation day I only graduated with merit while they both graduated with great distinction. I remember graduation day very well. On that day she made it very clear, in the presence of her boyfriend that I really did not stand a chance. It was very humiliating. Currently it's 25 years later and with a little bit of
Googling tells me they are married, living in a great villa in the most prosperous neighborhood in the area. He started a very succesful construction company, they have 3 kids and are members of the golf club, etc ... Currently I am a married 48 year old man having 2 sons in their beginning teens. The day I discovered that my wife was dating another guy in the first years of our marriage devastated me. However, I decided not to divorce because I wanted to give my 2 sons , who very young at that time, a decent chance in their life. For this reason I changed from a job that requires lots of traveling to a job that does not require travel in the ICT sector. As a consequence of this job change, I currently do not have a managerial function in the ICT company I work for, which is OK for me , and my marriage is stable now. But deep inside me, Sandman, what hurts me the most, and still haunts me to this day, is that SHE (the "ten") was right. SHE did choose the right guy, although I worked like a dog. When I tell all this to some of my closest male friends, they cannot believe I am suffering so much. They all say I should let go. You often hear that very succesful people often are very unhappy, but believe me, Sandman, this is also true for people who are not that succesful. Dear Sandman, I listen to all of your videos and they make much sense to me but till now I could not really find a video that gives advice on how to deal with envy at an unrequited crush and this from a MGTOW point of view. Could you make a video about that? Well Johnpil thanks for the donation and topic. When you first sent me an email I thought you wanted me to talk about a woman that had a crush on you in stead of you having a crush on a woman, the woman that got away. At the very end I'll spend a few minutes discussing women that have crushes on men and what to do about it but first I'll discuss the idea surrounding the envy one has at an unrequited crush. But before I do let me first tell you about today's sponsor MGTOW's Guide To Retiring on $200K in Southeast Asia:

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