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Published on 21 Jun 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣After all we as MGTOW are an unseen spiritual force to never be wreckened with by any other opposing force, We are (78) also as our spiritual numerology or lucky number for MGTOW. Which the spirit of (78), Sigma or Spirit of MGTOW has chosen all of us who are genuine for a reason.

Those who truly want and accept MGTOW who want to be with us are the ones chosen by (78) to help fight for our cause to reclaim humanity from the evils behind Gynocentrism. And to achieve our total spiritual supremacy over all.

I’m not trying to turn our philosophy and community into a religion...Rather I am just trying to shed some light on the true spiritual nature behind our beloved and beholded Acronym, Community, Symbol and Philosophy.

Pure masculine frequency: 144.72Hz

Pure Independence and selfrespect frequency:


13 + 7 + 20 + 15 + 23 = 78Hz

very "interesting" The MGTOW acronym reperzents 78Hz and that 78Hzs is basically the frequency of self respect and Independence, I always knew there was a spiritual meaning behind MGTOW.

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anonmachina 1 year ago

Not unlike how the TAO was distorted into a religion, you introduce both mysticism and numerology into MGTOW philosophy.

Religion is a crutch for the deficient.

Creators of religions are usurpers of the deficient.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 1 year ago

But this is not about religion which i’m not trying to start a religion, i’m trying to free others from religion. i’ve taken the spiritual red pill which I know religion and atheism that are both apart of a spiritual plantation, there is a war and spirituality and consciousness which atheism and religion both have played a role. This is about getting our community to be further red pilled and take the spiritual red pill.

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awol201 1 year ago

Thank You . Extremely valuable. Please make more videos regarding third eye opening, as your schedule and health allow.

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