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Women Panic & Put Me On Top Of A Homeland Security Watch List - MGTOW

Published on 11 May 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mark. He didn't give me a topic so I wanted to cover why yours truely, the Sandman was put of a secret report called Misogynistic Extremism, The Manosphere, And Mainstream Social Media. Not only am I on the list but I'm at the top of the Peril Homeland Security watchlist. So why am I number one at the top of misogyny's most wanted? According to them I'm addressing topics before they gain mainstream attention and I have influence in the MGTOW and beyond. Looks like they are starting to panic because guys like me, Pearl Davis, Richard Cooper, Rollo Tomassi, Aaron Clarey and many others have changed the world. But the way I see it they have already lost the war. You can't defeat an idea that has spread everywhere and I'm glad I helped make the red pill of female nature mainstream over ten years ago now. It only took them a decade to figure out the full scale of what I did. They have demonetized many of us and those on the list with an asterisk next to them including myself, Legion of Men, Pearl and Fresh and Fit have been demonetized. The reason that matters is because they wanted to run their woke ad campaign on our channels to prevent so called radicalization of men and they weren't allowed to. They think that even with no YouTube money we have found ways to monetize our audience. Which is true. We had no choice but to figure out alternate ways to survive and become stronger and resilient. On top of this many of us have crypto assets outside the banking system, multiple passports and ready to leave the country to fight the good fight someplace else if our countries censor us. One teacher said that her male students were starting to use female talking points and manipulation techniques. When she got upset at them they would say things like miss are you feeling alright? You seem really upset and it triggered her that they pointed out that she was losing it. They were just asking a question trying to trigger her. She said it was weak what they were doing and she tried shaming them. But these guys were just using feminine attacks where you ask the person are they ok pretending to be concerned about them but what you're doing is just pointing out to everyone else how unhinged they are getting and making them more self conscious. Women took men's ability to fight back directly so we are using their own passive aggressive techniques against them and they don't like it. Boys will get punished for acting like boys and girls will be rewarded for acting like girls and boys. That's where this is heading. But getting back to the list when I saw it I thought to myself how thoughtful of someone to put together a list of channel recommendations for us. I'm kind of disappointed that they didn't put better bachelor on that list. Someone recently told me he has a girlfriend and told me he's probably going to get married. I'll believe it when I see it. I think he's too smart to fall for that. Besides these numbers are rookie numbers. We've got to pump those up. If only TFM was still on YouTube he would have received a perfect 100 score. I find it hilarious that I've been heavily shadow banned and I'm still number 1 on this list. But I know why. Because they probably traced back a lot of the ideas and language in the manosphere today to my earlier content and probably worry I might do something similar in the future. I'll discuss more in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor Me The Sandman:

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ErickRendoza 204
ErickRendoza 204 27 days ago

Great i am on it too i get pulled over by state patrol they hand me back my ID and drive away i am on a shit list....

   2    0

I am jealous... I didn't make the list.


Fuck them.

I hope the elevator doors open and the elevator didn't arrive.

   1    0

Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - LOL


I couldn't send you a fake cheap trophy cup for the award, so I stuck $10 on the video to promote it.

Some how the report is SO fucking idiotic, I think it's more of a NOMINATION for the people who people should be attracting attention for all the right reasons....

The anti-israel proaganda makers....

Destroying Marxist Cults like FEMINISM and the the destroyers of the family and the country.

   1    0

Bonus Award.......


Stupid Cunts - BEING - Stupid Cunts

I'll buy you a trophy!

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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

Don't worry Sandman, I'm on all their lists, including ones you never heard of... I'm beyond their Triple Threat... Conservative, "Christian" Enlightenment, gun owner, Armed conflict veteran... and to top it off, I know nuclear chemistry... far more than most people... not that I was a nuclear engineer or anything... I think the CIA might have tried to make me a "home grown" terr0rist, but they don't understand God or mores, they just be bloodlusting whores. .

   8    0
eldrazi317 1 month ago

I’ve been thinking a most likely option if god just wants to reset this entire experiment… is just to make the entire volcanic belt pop. Most of civilization is around the belt funny enough.

   1    0
WMHarrison94 18 days ago

@eldrazi317: I suspect He has done it before; let's just say earth might be thr original petri dish...for experimentation.

   0    0
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