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Put Single Mothers Into The Trash LOL - MGTOW

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Published on 19 Mar 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Gregor and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman. I discovered your channel after I was discarded by a 44 year old mother of 3. One adopted and twins via ivf. No father around. I was Papa for 2 years and after proposing to her 3 months in, I bought her a diamond and we were married. 1 ½ years later. . . . 4 months after being exhausted by her demands I callled her out. Her response was couples therapy. In the first session she said she was finished. I moved out heart broken 3 months later. I haven’t seen the children since April and don’t expect to see them as long as they are children ever again. It was a super red pill experience. Btw I am 50 and earn well over six figures. I'm a healthy man who is a professional chef of 30 years and a degree in natural therapeutics. I am not disposable. I thank God that I am now awake and free to be me and do my own thing. Thank you." Well Gregor. thanks for the donation and topic. Before I discuss your crazy case let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Swan Bitcoin: Anyways, now back to the video. So Gregor it wasn't enough for your wife, now ex wife to tug on your nut sack while her kids tugged on your heart strings. It wasn't enough to get you to stick around and take all of her abuse and high demands. This is the world we have entered. One where women are adopting African babies and having their own well past their fertility windows in their forties with ivf technology and they aren't happy with this. They want a man making six figures serving them five star chef meals on their picnic table and they push those poor guys to Anthony Bordain themselves in the upstairs bathroom after nagging at them non stop. The really sad part about this is that there are men out there willing to trade their lives for the chance to spawn up her barren snatch once a month after he serves her a five star brunch. No man is disposable until they are disposable. As you found out Gregor. What's really sad is I think that one of the consequences of living in a disposable culture is that we see people disposably if we see our technology that same way. I form emotional attachments with people and objects. But women like the one you were with probably don't form any attachments with either. Getting rid of a car, computer or phone feels wrong and I feel like I'm breaking my commitment to it. 2 weeks in I slightly crack my phone screen. Not to worry in 2 years I'll get another free phone. Besides my old phone had a slight crack in it as well and I used it just fine for almost seven years. Plus it was a lot slower. It bothered me so much that the new phone had a tiny crack but I live for four years with a bigger one on the old phone and it didn't bother me at all. I suspect that when we are constantly updating our material possessions we get pickier and pickier and willing to throw the old away quicker because we know there's a new one around every corner. That's why your ex wife divorced you Gregor. Because you're like a phone on a two year contract. You get a new phone after two years so you might as well get a new papa for your kids after two years too. Two year phone contracts. Two year marriage contracts. The problem with single mothers is that many of them were willing to throw away their first relationship with the father of their children for a shiny new father, you. You can't change or
raise a fully grown woman to know any better. You can't help her. You have to treat single mothers the way you treat people with narcissistic personality disorder. Just stay away. If you could help her then someone else would have before you. She obviously doesn't care about the children as much as she cares about herself.

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NotchLion 7 months ago

Single Mother are Useful for when you want Reliable Pussy

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Paying for lavish dates.... a trip to a super market, flat bread, cold meat slices, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hommus, cucumber, pineapple rings, beetroot slices fresh or tinned, sliced carrot, celery, banana, apple, etc., make up huge salad sandwiches, $3 or 4 a piece... And some nice vegetable juice.. The cost of the whole, highly nutritional meal probably $8 or $10 each - for a really brilliant meal.

I can go out to the park / river side and have 20 dates / really good meals, for every ONE $200 a head resturaunt..

If she is financially incompetent and sees you as an idiot, AND cannot or refuses to help with the shopping and the making of sandwiches - she is a TOTAL loss. Get rid of her.

A good wife SAVES for the future - YOUR COMMON FUTURE - See you can go out to the park for lunch, spend up big at $20 for a brilliant lunch for 2 people, and the change from this say compared to a date at $200 a head at a resturaunt, well WE are $380 ahead and that is money that is saved.

Any woman who thinks differently is a free loading parasite and sponge.

You can pick the difference in the first 30 seconds...

"A date with you? We can do it for under $20 by going to the supermarket and having lunch at the park."

A good woman replies, "Wow - Sounds good to me - the supermarket's this way" ===>

A brain dead, lazy, selfish parasite replies, "Ewwwwwww what a cheap skate".

I make AWESOME sandwiches..... they are BIG and they are FILLING and they are REALLY nutritional.
And they taste great..... AND you know you have been FED..

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hqwebsite 7 months ago

Putting single mother in the trash only solve half the problem. 'Emptying' the trash is 'the final solution'. Most single mother lives in slump and ghetto which is technically a 'landfill'. As this area continues to expand so does the government expenditure in maintaining it. The real reason the government still keeping them is to win votes.

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havok545 7 months ago

kids via IVF AND adopted kids tells you everything about her toxic femininity all the way

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csehszlovakze 7 months ago

Vention has basically lost against cancer... he just uploaded a video about it.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 7 months ago

Sad news.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 7 months ago

You leave the country!
Where to?

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InfiniteMushroom 7 months ago

Uruguay is one of those well kept secrets. It's mostly WHITE and nobody really notices it on the world stage. I've heard good things about Ecuador, as well. I'd even consider Belarus but, the Jew World Order has its sights on it as it has a legitimate and excellent President (Alexander Lukashenko) who will not cave in to the JEW FILTH that is destroying the E.U. I'd like to think that Vladimir Putin would go to the mat to defend Belarus from the Euro-Kikes but, I don't know for sure.

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libertyanyday 7 months ago

how come blue pilled men are willing to trade so much for so little .... like driving drunk, you just KNOW you wont get caught BUT once you play and lose ....... you lose for YEARS.

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zdoctor 7 months ago

i hate to say it but at this point id rather get a cat then be with a woman.!!!! and i dont like cats at all.

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hqwebsite 7 months ago

We already have robot cats and the virtual ones too.

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Drums_McBashington 7 months ago

Get Zoomba. It's like a cat but it cleans stuff.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

Single mothers ARE NOT a good choice and I explain why:
First of all, and based on empirical experiences (not personal, but from relatives and acquaintances) I have come to the conclusion that single mothers will never be a good option, especially if you are single and without children.

1. You will never be the priority of a single mother, for them you will always be her second option, first there is her child, then her child and finally her child, you will only be a provider and nothing more.

2. Many of them have a cloudy past, infidelities, disappointments, they do not trust Men and for the most part, they only use them as stepfathers, they no longer trust relationships.

3. They are more promiscuous, since they no longer believe in love, they tend to use sex as a relief to their tensions, they can have one or multiple sexual partners and not feel remorse, even though they are already mothers.

4. Being single and young mothers, they put the pretext of being still young and go to party, give up their ass, take drugs while the grandmother takes care of the little bastard who does not have a father, they even have children of several parents and they do not even know who they are.

5. Something that you have to be aware of is that you are going to have to support, help and take care of children who probably will not thank you and who you will never finish liking.

6. If the biological father of the child (ren) appears, then ... Who do you think the mother and the family court are going to grant custody of the children to? To the biological father who comes back to be with them or to you who have no genetic link with those children?

7. They are not down to earth: If you have met several single mothers, you will notice that most of them live in a bit strange situations. Generally these women have not learned to make good decisions, especially in aspects that change their life, otherwise they would not be in their current situation. If you create a bond with a person who does not know how to decide well, one day one of her bad decisions will lead to disaster.

8. If they did not even change for their children: Many single mothers, even despite having one or more children, want to continue living their lives of going out to parties, alcohol and looking for a new boyfriend in bars and clubs as if they had never given birth. Just think ... if not even for their children they stop doing these things, then ... What can you expect from them that you are just another boyfriend?

9. They do not learn the lesson: Most single mothers are in that situation due to their immaturity, generally entangling with a jerk who only wanted them temporarily for sex and still irresponsibly become pregnant with him without there being a commitment and sometimes not even a formalization of the relationship between them, many of them do not change their mentality after this happens and even make the same mistakes again and again, they do not understand that now they are in a different situation that has to be seen with more maturity and well that is generally the root of all the problems that I mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

And finally (although not for that, less important)

10. You will take care of other people's offspring when you could take care of yours.



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Drums_McBashington 7 months ago


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Duugus 7 months ago

Anthony Bourdain didn't self delete, he was busy working on a video about pe do 's, now he is not. All involved met the same end. Movie never completed.

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One_Ronin 7 months ago

"Loco Parentis", the most feared label a guy can hear in family law courts when referring to kids that aren't his.

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